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Build Trust And Belonging

TeamsynerG Global Consulting Inc. specializes in multi-level physiological safety training programs. Our proprietary program Whole-PersonSafety® is internationally recognized as the key to building trust and ensuring that each worker is trained in their responsibility safety level. With each role and level of work comes different responsibilities and our programs have a built-in strategy with one-of-kind facilitation and philosophy that goes beyond a lecture, an online program, or a new policy awareness rollout. Our programs are designed for long term success with a built in structure for onboarding and lead consistent behaviours and mental models across the workforce. TeamsynerG's methodology includes everyone and has a meet people where they are at approach. We understand that the current state of thinking is different for everyone and it is ineffective to force a new way of thinking; therefore we empower each person to own the responsibility and provide insights and project-based learning to optimize new actions and behaviors that result in a trusting, safe work environment where not only people feel they belong but want to build a future with.

Whole-Person Safety Programs:

Key Benefits and Outcomes:

Whole-Person Safety Coaching

Our Whole-Person Safety Coaching program is designed at the leadership level to train and mentor leaders to lead the change. By focusing on training, the leaders in new thinking and behaviour models  can then be the example needed to spread throughout the organization. Leaders MUST CONSISTENTLY model what this looks, sounds, and feels like and it is critical that the leaders continually reinforce through their engagement outputs through speaking, writing, acting, and planning have an authentic inclusive and psychologically safe approach. Our on-the-court, real time coaching model develops leaders through project based learn modules and experiential learning implementation. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we have created customized training and coaching programs based on the leadership level, role, and responsibility within the organization. 

Our 4 Step Leadership Psychological Safety Coaching Approach

  1. Safety Gap Assessment- Access current behaviors and risks that threaten psychological safety
  2. Design a personal training plan to close the gaps and build capability and capacity
  3. Facilitate and Coach through experiential learning implementation
  4. Measure performance and cultural outcomes for continuous improvement, standard, and policy change. 

Key Benefits and Outcomes:

Optimize Human Productivity And Performance Through Accountability

Bioptrics® An intuitive human performance tool to develop business improvement behaviors that optimize personal performance and operational productivity. Used as a stand-alone capacity-building tool or in conjunction with our individual and group coaching programs. BIOPTRICS is the world’s first digital personal performance tool focused on (KBI) key behavioral indicators that impact (KPI) Key performance indicators and (OKR) objectives and key results.

BRIDGE® is a proprietary maturity and gap assessment system that assesses deep into the dimensions and variables that impact human performance. Our assessment process is designed to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and critical risks that impact the leadership, culture, and organizational competency and efficiency within the overall business operations.

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