Proven Policy that promotes Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

Industrial Policy, Ethics & Philanthropy


Transforming The Future


will create new business ethics that focus on business profit and social responsibility


will provide support and resources to local industries and provide protection from foreign competition.


organizations will be exposed for irresponsible profligacy of charitable funds.

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Our Commitment

Turn Sustainability Into Value

Inclusive innovation fosters a more equitable economy and improves quality performance. Being able to identify, develop, and advance policy creates a framework to support economic growth. Industrial policy initiatives, social impact initiatives through corporate philanthropic endeavors deliver widely shared social and environmental value. TeamsynerG Global Consulting supports and empowers the unheard, marginalized minorities that are often taken for granted through unjust government policies and/or unethical business practices. Challenging philanthropic initiatives, NGOs, and charitable organizations that claim to honor these initiatives can also be a large contributing factor towards detrimental impacts. 

At TeamsynerG Global Consulting, our team and all our affiliates provide exclusive and innovative strategies to eliminate any corruption and violations within an organization's business infrastructure, including their value and supply chains processes. We also ensure that at every level of a company's workforce they are educated in ethical human resource policies, practices, and standards. Inspecting and implementing general business framework policies can foster the contribution of your organization's SDGs, providing a diverse set of policy instruments that can create breakthrough results with any environmental, sustainable, and governance goals. As your organization implements sustainability shifts as an intangible investment these types of actions will expand profitable opportunities, especially the value-added for society.

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Strategic and Ethical Collaboration in Achieving:


Advance up to

1 %

further towards Goal 2 Zero Hunger

Advance up to

1 %

further towards Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production

Advance up to

1 %

further towards Goal 1 No Poverty


Advance up to 60% further towards target 2.B

Correct and prevent trade restrictions and distortions in world agricultural markets, including through the parallel elimination of all forms of agricultural export subsidies and all export measures with equivalent effect, in accordance with the mandate of the Doha Development Round.

Advance up to 70% further towards target 12.6

Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle

Advance up to 65% further towards target 1.A

Ensure significant mobilization of resources from a variety of sources, including through enhanced development cooperation, in order to provide adequate and predictable means for developing countries, in particular, least developed countries, to implement programs and policies to end poverty in all its dimensions.


At TeamsynerG Global Consulting our credible team of value creators is focused on shifting the direction of your business to achieve thriving and sustainable performance outcomes for long-term business goals. From value creation planning and strategies to the implementation of change management and social performance initiatives; our real-world expertise will partner with you to design, develop, implement and lead you to 2030 and beyond. Our proprietary tools and methodologies create ethical and sustainable solutions to lead you through your social responsibility needs and drive positive social impact. 


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