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Measure Success Beyond Profit

Accelerated results and achieving goals is what everyone wants. If we reflect on where we had a success or a failure in our performance and debrief what we did and what we did not do, we are guaranteed to see the gaps. The most important part of the actions we take is that we take the ones that we know to take, that we know it is part of our responsibility and part of the process design. Human behavior inherently fails to be consistent and for many, they operate like consistent actions are a mystery. At TeamsynerG Global Consultanting we are compassionate towards the way the brain functions and understand the capacity and capabilities it struggles with. Today organizations are rushing against time and what they do not realize is they rush their workforce to produce without building a structure that develops sustainable human performance. Accountability and performance are partners in causing results.

You cannot have one without the other. It is the same as human health and the health of the planet– they are inseparable. Yet, we use up natural resources thinking we as a species can live way beyond the lifespan of our ecosystems. There is a critical condition facing all organizations today and that is the unwillingness to measure success beyond profit.

When we focus on the profits and forget the people driving the business, we cannot have a sustainable system. With the market growing rapidly and the demand for highly qualified professionals, one of the largest risks a company can face is employee turnover. Accountability driven by training and investment in your people is an investment in the life of the business operations. Our team of highly qualified accountability experts pride themselves in building and boosting confidence, skills, agility, resilience, and creativity in leaders at all levels of the workforce. Building a workforce that can mobilize resources to solve critical and short-term immediate problems and think proactively versus reactively can be the difference needed to achieve all the organization’s goals. Our team understands the benefits of behavioral economics and the physiological patterns that inspire economic decision-making. We wholeheartedly believe that if you ensure your people leaders have all the necessary tools for success and a culture where there is a demand for them to be their absolute best, that will then lead to a culture where everyone is honored and proud to be part of.

  • The most influential and impactful leaders embrace a continuous improvement process to elevate the effectiveness of their own leadership capabilities. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting our team of executive and leadership coaches are highly trained in delivering on what we say we will do. Our proprietary coaching models have a customized built-in approach backed by our proven track record of thousands of leaders around the world.  Our goal is to train and develop all leaders in the mindset skills necessary to deliver optimal performance, unlock the critical and strategic thinking necessary to lead a diverse, inclusive culture. We focus on the necessary drivers to empower and hold leaders accountable to lead by the values and be the values. To not only manage the requirements of their own role and business objectives, but to elevate the opportunity available so that their entire workforce has a sense of belonging and adopts and duplicates the leadership's behaviours.  Our one-on-one executive and leadership coaching has transformed the way CEO's lead their organizations and the executive teams and managers at all levels lead their people. From Change management, full potential capability, mergers or building for a sustainable future, without the right leadership your organization will remain or decline, with the right leadership your organization is guaranteed to thrive.

  • Unleashing the true potential of your workforce is a huge undertaking which is very rewarding. As one of the leading high-performance, accountability, leadership, and executive coaching organizations in the world, we value the people we serve and understand the human being behind all the responsibility. We focus on taking the people out of the problem and train, develop and coach people through the challenge to have them come out on the other end celebrating their wins. Working in teams can be rewarding and working in teams that are aligned can be the key driver to meeting your business targets and goals or being at the effect of performance failures, financial losses and an unsustainable future. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we believe that when you bring a group of great minds together who are willing to take the necessary actions to grow together, your possibilities are endless. Our proprietary group coaching models and programs get to the root cause of ineffectiveness, and are data driven so that we can improve on communication skills, work performance, inclusion, project success and increase employees satisfaction levels so they see themselves as the future of the organization. From facilitation of performance meetings to conflict resolution between people, we pride ourselves on solution-based and goal focused skill development to build capacity and bridge the gaps so we can pull everyone inside the circle of champions and adopt an owner’s mindset who will deliver on the organizations purpose, promises, mission, vision, and values. 

  • A cross-functional team's success relies on the ability to lead and manage a group of people who can be successful in their own roles in their own departments and be responsible for understanding how their role in their department can impact the success and or failure of another department. When an organization operates 24 hrs a day with two main shifts, it can also operate like two different companies. Cross-functional tools, training and coaching are a critical part of bringing everyone together to create an aligned approach so that you minimize the negative impacts in performance and decrease the severity of variability. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we specialize in cross-functional coaching, training, and facilitation. From assessing identified risks, understanding the needs and revealing the gaps, our experts are known to bring everyone together like a successful puzzle of possibility. Our proprietary tools and methodologies are designed to capture performance data site wide and train each person on the team to think through and identify gaps so they can contribute to the problem-solving discussions and bring solution driven communication and expertise to their communications and actions. Our team of cross-functional coaches and strategists do a deep dive into the risks and gaps and design a framework that everyone can understand and that has everyone included. From there we work in partnership with all members of the team to elevate accountability so that each department works in partnership together to have the entire operations and people moving towards success. 

  • On the job role development is one of our most requested services and the one that takes individuals through a process of owning their roles. We understand that each role has been strategically designed to produce an outcome that the rest of the operations rely on. When that role is not delivering on its responsibilities and expectations it can cause a ripple effect with the organizational structure and department outputs. When someone is clear and confident in what their role is responsible for, they have an opportunity to measure up to what is expected. When they can see what great looks like it makes it easier to process and duplicate and build the awareness and confidence to excel and be held accountable. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we have unique programs for on-the-job training and development and mentorship. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools, strategies, thinking models and behaviours so they may successfully perform and be a leading example of accountability, integrity, and excellence. Our coaches and trainers were founded on accountability as some of the leaders in the industry of accountability program development, accountability coaching and transforming cultures through the power of what accountability provides. Our methods and systems have been developed and improved upon over the last 30 years and continue to evolve through the experiences with our valued clients. We believe that without accountability your operations will not be able to achieve full potential and with accountability being at the core of your values, practices, and standard operating procedures your organization and its people will benefit from a sustainable and prosperous future.  

  • Behaviour in the workplace is what has an organization stuck in either surviving or thriving. The cross between economics and psychology is a fine line, yet too often related to as something that does not require a synergistic approach and partnership within thinking and system models. As part of our deep assessment process, we have developed a tool that gets to the root of the problem and focuses on bridging the gap of the missing behaviours that are needed to effectively facilitate your responsibilities in a role and or the business objectives expected by all stakeholders. All cultures are dominated by a behaviour and often it is one that does not understand the power in bringing together the right thinking models that drive the right planning that pushes the right actions to produce the desired, and hence right outcomes. Our research and case studies are used as a foundation for best practices so that we can measure performance and drive leadership and the workforce from risk to stability to optimization. Because human beings are emotional and easily distracted, their critical and strategic thinking capability is always impacted. One key area we work on is "avoidance"- the responsibility, accountability, actions, and planning that is avoided due to the fear of failure. This distraction is automatic and is often hidden from our view yet is often the thing that interferes with a person's performance capability. Our behaviour economic process is built into all our work in line with our root cause analysis and assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Our team of coaches, trainers, mentors, and facilitators lead our propriety training programs that are customized at every level to suit our clients needs. 

TeamsynerG Global Consulting Inc. specializes in multi-level physiological safety training programs. Our proprietary program Whole-PersonSafety® is internationally recognized as the key to building trust and ensuring that each worker is trained in their responsibility safety level.

Bioptrics An intuitive human performance tool to develop business improvement behaviors that optimize personal performance and operational productivity. Used as a stand-alone capacity-building tool or in conjunction with our individual and group coaching programs. BIOPTRICS is the world’s first digital personal performance tool focused on (KBI) key behavioral indicators that impact (KPI) Key performance indicators and (OKR) objectives and key results.

BRIDGE® is a proprietary maturity and gap assessment system that assesses deep into the dimensions and variables that impact human performance. Our assessment process is designed to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and critical risks that impact the leadership, culture, and organizational competency and efficiency within the overall business operations.

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