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Transforming Your Sustainable Goals Into Action

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility is not just a growing reaction to stakeholders expectations but an ethical understanding and approach in doing things right. At TeamsynerG our team of CSR experts will partner with your organization to support all of your current CSR initiatives and access and implement what is needed to ensure you are meeting all of your sustainable business targets and goals.

  • At TeamsynerG Global Consulting our goal is to move you forward towards building impactful community relations strategy and approach to have your organization excel at being an authentic contributor to the social and economic development and well-being of the surrounding communities and Indigenous Peoples. Relationship building is often underestimated and yet for an organization that is often dependent on the collaboration of the community, there is a gap in the level of responsibility and also in creating a balance between what serves everyone including the environment and future generations. The actions and reactions today significantly impact the future and unless we are prepared to build a contingency plan into the framework of how to design and implement outreach programs that build the people for the future, we will just be giving a hand out and providing a band-aid approach to the current conditions. At TeamsynerG our social performance team of experts stand united in ensuring that with every project we lead, we lead it with great responsibility and build in our proprietary 6 levels of responsibility system into the design. We focus on crafting social programs that protect future generations from resource depletion, human ethics and rights, equitable economic development and our research and design team study the past and evolutionary patterns so that we can proactively predict potential variabilities and risk and ensure the the best practice management systems, process and training represents the social mission of the organization.

  • Turn your organization's aspirations into the type of actions that will uncover climate risks and opportunities. For the world to accomplish our net-zero goal and remove all greenhouse gases, every company that is emitting carbon out into the atmosphere, must implement a continuous improvement strategy to balance what is being emitted to the amount of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere. This world issue is one where unless we all work together and be responsible we will not meet the goals in time to prevent potential natural disasters and disruption to life.  These types of initiatives can be inspiring and overwhelming and the journey to implementation begins with a plan that is designed with a continuous improvement strategy built in. Our team of environmental, energy, and decarb experts pride themselves on ensuring that from the start, the discipline of end-to-end environmental accounting processes are in place with the necessary training and leadership behaviours that will make this process sustainable. From sustainability reporting to implementation of the necessary actions and energy transformation initiatives, our team will work in partnership with your organization from start to finish so we can do what is necessary for our future generation. 

  • Tap into the full potential of your procurement needs and supply chain ecosystem. In today's economic climate the world is facing a supply and demand issue with the need to lean away from the typical procurement practices and build resilience to prepare for future disruptions. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we believe that what we are facing is an opportunity for today's largest industries to begin a think outside the box approach to how they do business. We believe that sustainable procurement lives within the structure of focusing on local economic development and prosperity. Investing in community programs to build infrastructure to support future manufacturing needs, supply chain gaps and raising a healthy community to bring wealth to the locals lifestyle and financial independence. As part of the community resilience planning, organizations can strategically target many corporate objectives simply by focusing their procurement efforts to build local resilience and prosperity. Our procurement specialists have an extensive background in social performance management, treaty negotiations, land development and sustainability planning. A winning formula to engage in all spectrums of the opportunity for sustainable procurement and agreements that drive value for all stakeholders. TeamsynerG Global Consulting partners with your organization to take the procurement function and have it evolve beyond its strictly transactional focus to become a strategic partner that will drive success for your organization. As part of our Indigenous relations work, our team of policy developers pride themselves on bringing equality and equitable opportunity that support all types of treaties to create binding agreements that have a a road map built in with a framework for success.

  • The positive impacts and outcomes of a project on communities relies heavily on the engagement and co-creation of all stakeholders.  From engagement with policies through to all phases of the project life cycle, when you involve stakeholders and communities through an effectively designed engagement plan you will reduce social and reputational risk, minimize project delays and maximize stakeholder support and sustainability. An aligned approach at all levels of responsibility begins with a clear plan that is inclusive, generative and backed by data to measure and implement continuous improvement. A start to a project is a plan on page, but that document is a living, breathing life line to people and the environment that for the lives of the people is an agreement towards generational sustainability. Our team of social impact enthusiasts and experts pride ourselves on developing research-led plans that bring life to a project, with a foundation of integrity that compels attention at the right level of participation with leaving no one behind. Our inclusive whole-society approach looks at every aspect so that we bring a synerg of success to every part of the process to build a positive, prosperous and sustainable future together. TeamsynerG's diverse capabilities affords us the ability to bring together teams to lead all aspects of the project and our project managers pride themselves on representing our clients with the end user and environment in mind. From stakeholder by-in through effective negotiations, town hall events and round the table discussions to discovery sessions, assessments, R&D to developing the most resilience, future-ready action plans. Our team is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to build an equitable future for everyone. 

  • Environmental sustainability, governance goals, economic prosperity and equal rights for all, are beyond words that are continuously being communicated by organizational leaders. These are words that require action plans and implementation strategies that will provide the necessary results to create a future of sustainability. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting our organization is continuously improving our reach, our capability and capacity so that we can be of service to what we believe is one of the most important responsibilities for all people and the planet. We believe if we train and develop people with the right skills we can create a compound effect of sustainable change. Social performance management is at the core of what we do, from the start of community resilience planning to the implementation of the plans, our start-to-finish holistic approach is our ethical duty.  Our team of social performance experts collaborate on every project, building in our proprietary methods and customize the approach based on our clients social mission. Our tools and methodologies drive sustainable change and are backed by science-driven initiatives and a team that is passionate about human equity and social and environmental justice. Putting the plan into action and witnessing the real-life transformation is beyond a strategy. For our company this is personal and we embrace our partnerships with a serious accountability and responsibility so that with each organization we serve we know we have built a stronger footprint for our future generations. 

Cultivate a Culture to Serve All Stakeholders

From low carbon transformation to implementing sustainable thinking training and shifting the culture into a consistent environment of sustainable practices, our team is dedicated to working side by side with your organization, workforce and leadership to provide an effective solution framework that will guarantee to drive change and accelerate impact to advance your sustainability footprint. 
When working with our clients our data driven approach provides the necessary information to assess a company's contribution to society and impact on environmental issues. Our clients will experience forward thinking CSR strategies that are continuously evolving based on the outcomes of the implementation plans. Our holistic approach provides our clients with the necessary tools, systems and elevated standards that manage risk through top down and bottom up support so that all CSR projects can be led with confidence, accuracy through an empowered and productive workforce. 

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