Building Inclusive and Psychologically Safe Workplace Cultures in the Mining and Natural Resources Industry

Date: January 8th, 2024

12:00 PM EST   |    90 minutes (including 30 minutes of Q&A)


January 8th, 2024  12:00 PM EST  | 90 minutes (including 30 minutes of Q&A)

Free Registration: limited spaces available

Audrey Hlembizky is an industry expert in product and technological innovation, social responsibility, and organizational transformation. With over 35 years of experience in business development and culture engineering, she has played a pivotal role in transforming industries, pioneering groundbreaking initiatives, and setting new standards of excellence. As the Founder and CEO of TeamsynerG Global Consulting and the VP and Head of Business Innovation, ESG, and People for RJC Global Impact, Audrey leads transformative change for organizations worldwide in sectors such as mining, agriculture, education, healthcare and SME’s to large scale organizations.

Her unique approach to culture engineering and branding has revolutionized how organizations perceive and implement change, making her a sought-after expert in organizational transformation. Her global influence is evident, having trained and mentored thousands of leaders and instilling in them the principles of sustainable and responsible business practices that are deeply rooted in enhancing the human experience.

Throughout her professional journey, Audrey has consistently championed measurable and meaningful change through her unwavering loyalty to cultivating innovation, advocating for diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion, and emphasizing a human-centric approach within the business landscape. Throughout her career, she has received numerous nominations and awards on the global stage and recognized multiple times as a businesswoman and leader of the year has received trailblazer awards and multiple honorary acknowledgements for impactful and measurable social change.

In 2020, Audrey launched a pioneering program titled “MIND your MINE” under RJC Global Impact. This initiative is a comprehensive cultural transformation process designed to cultivate an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace environment. Audrey, leveraging her proprietary Neuro Mind Methodology® and Whole-Person Safety® system developed in 2011, identified a pressing need for psychological safety in the mining sector through her collaboration with RJC and her mining industry experience. The acronym “MIND” in “MIND your MINE” stands for “Mindful, Inclusive, and Neuro-Diversity,” reflecting the program’s focus. This transformational strategy and approach aim to meet the mining industry’s immediate demands for genuine, inclusive, and neurodiverse leadership, thereby empowering the modern mining workforce. Audrey’s innovative methods and unique experiential learning modules have provided effective solutions for numerous global enterprises in mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. These efforts are driving a paradigm shift towards ensuring mental and physical safety, building trust, and fostering a true sense of belonging among employees. Today, “MIND your MINE” is an essential tool and learning process, playing a pivotal role in transforming the present and future landscape of the mining workforce.

Webinar Description: In the demanding and high-stakes world of mining, the mental health impact on workers is profound and often overlooked. The industry faces a critical challenge: intense job pressures, relentless psychological stress, erratic shift schedules, and prolonged family separation are fueling a rise in mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. This escalating mental health crisis, compounded by a deficit of psychological safety, is driving a significant talent drain in the sector. It’s imperative for mining organizations to elevate psychological safety and inclusion, creating a culture where employees can freely learn, contribute, and voice concerns without the threat of retaliation and free from fear. 

The path forward for many companies lies in understanding and integrating psychological safety and inclusion at their core. Mere awareness is insufficient; the true test is embedding these principles to transform workforce behaviours, and outcomes, and ultimately, boost employee satisfaction. The industry must move beyond superficial measures to forge environments where these values are intrinsically woven into the fabric of their operations.

Join us on January 8th, 2024, for a pivotal webinar led by Audrey Hlembizky, tailored for mining and natural resources professionals. This session will delve into the essence of whole-person safety, demystifying psychological safety — defining what it is and, crucially, what it isn’t. It will offer clear insights to dispel the myths surrounding this vital safety principle, particularly in its integration with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) initiatives. The webinar emphasizes the necessity of genuine, neurodiverse leadership to transcend mere rhetoric and genuinely embody these values in every leadership facet.

This event will underscore the importance of psychological safety as a cornerstone of effective DEI&B initiatives, stressing that the ‘whole person’ approach is essential for both physiological and psychological well-being. We will explore how a deep comprehension and implementation of psychological safety can revolutionize workplace cultures, nurturing an environment of dignity, trust and where every individual feels acknowledged, respected, and empowered.

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Key Takeaways

Defining Psychological Safety: Gain a clear and precise understanding of what psychological safety truly means in high-stakes work environments like the mining industry, moving beyond theoretical concepts to practical applications.

From Buzzwords to Reality: Learn how to transition from simply using ‘psychological safety’ as a popular buzzword to recognizing its profound impact and essential role in cultivating genuinely inclusive cultures.

Whole-Person Safety Approach: Discover our unique Whole-Person Safety approach, designed to integrate physical and psychological well-being, and understand its pivotal role in creating comprehensive, inclusive workplace environments.

Leadership’s Critical Influence: Explore the vital role of authentic, inclusive leadership in establishing and maintaining psychologically safe and inclusive workplace cultures, emphasizing the importance of leaders who embody these principles.

Proprietary Method Introduction: This session introduces our proprietary Whole-Person Safety approach, a revolutionary concept at the heart of creating workplaces where psychological safety is an experiential reality, not just an ideal.

Interactive Q&A Session: This webinar includes a 30-minute interactive Q&A session. We highly encourage participants to come prepared with questions, ready to engage in a meaningful dialogue about building inclusive and psychologically safe workplace cultures.

Get Started Tool: As a participant, you’ll gain privileged access to an innovative online awareness assessment to measure your maturity levels as an “Inclusive Neurodiverse Leader.” It’s an invaluable resource to provide personal insight and to support you in taking those next steps to elevate your approach with others.

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