Psychological Safety and Creating Inclusive, Safe Built Environments

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Audrey Hlembizky is an industry expert in product and technological innovation, social responsibility, and organizational transformation. With over 35 years of experience in business development and culture engineering, she has played a pivotal role in transforming industries, pioneering groundbreaking initiatives, and setting new standards of excellence. As the Founder and CEO of TeamsynerG Global Consulting and the VP and Head of Business Innovation, ESG, and People for RJC Global Impact, Audrey leads transformative change for organizations worldwide in sectors such as mining, agriculture, education, healthcare and SME’s to large scale organizations.

Her unique approach to culture engineering and branding has revolutionized how organizations perceive and implement change, making her a sought-after expert in organizational transformation. Her global influence is evident, having trained and mentored thousands of leaders and instilling in them the principles of sustainable and responsible business practices that are deeply rooted in enhancing the human experience.

Throughout her professional journey, Audrey has consistently championed measurable and meaningful change through her unwavering loyalty to cultivating innovation, advocating for diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion, and emphasizing a human-centric approach within the business landscape. Throughout her career, she has received numerous nominations and awards on the global stage and recognized multiple times as a businesswoman and leader of the year has received trailblazer awards and multiple honorary acknowledgements for impactful and measurable social change.

In 2020, Audrey launched a pioneering program titled “MIND your MINE” under RJC Global Impact. This initiative is a comprehensive cultural transformation process designed to cultivate an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace environment. Audrey, leveraging her proprietary Neuro Mind Methodology® and Whole-Person Safety® system developed in 2011, identified a pressing need for psychological safety in the mining sector through her collaboration with RJC and her mining industry experience. The acronym “MIND” in “MIND your MINE” stands for “Mindful, Inclusive, and Neuro-Diversity,” reflecting the program’s focus. This transformational strategy and approach aim to meet the mining industry’s immediate demands for genuine, inclusive, and neurodiverse leadership, thereby empowering the modern mining workforce. Audrey’s innovative methods and unique experiential learning modules have provided effective solutions for numerous global enterprises in mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. These efforts are driving a paradigm shift towards ensuring mental and physical safety, building trust, and fostering a true sense of belonging among employees. Today, “MIND your MINE” is an essential tool and learning process, playing a pivotal role in transforming the present and future landscape of the mining workforce.

Webinar Description: Advancing an organization’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion strategies that fosters a culture of trust and belonging has become a critical aspect of organizational development. Many Organizations have made DEI&B commitments, yet few have made meaningful and measurable progress. A 2022 report from Culture Champ indicated that HR leaders and DEI practitioners, while half of surveyed companies reported having a DEI mission statement, only 49% have a strategic diversity plan in place. 81% reported that they believe that DEI initiatives are beneficial to their organizations. However, only 34% of respondents reported having enough resources to support their DEI initiatives. These are both crucial steps in creating the organizational alignment necessary to create lasting, structural change.

In this webinar we will support you in closing the gap in your understanding to help move well-intentioned mission statements to actionable policies and why standardization is the critical component for sustainable change. We will address a common misconception in many organizations: the belief that a mission statement on DEIB equates to a policy and clarify why a statement of intent, while valuable, does not constitute a policy or a standard operating procedure. True policies are actionable, with clear steps and accountability measures. Standardization is crucial for embedding DEIB into the very fabric of organizational operations, ensuring consistency, accountability, and sustainability in DEI&B efforts.

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