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Audrey Hlembizky

Founder and CEO

Audrey Hlembizky is an industry expert in product and technological innovation, social responsibility, and organizational transformation. With over 35 years of experience in business development and culture engineering, she has played a pivotal role in transforming industries, pioneering groundbreaking initiatives, and setting new standards of excellence. As the Founder and CEO of TeamsynerG Global Consulting and the VP and Head of Business Innovation, ESG, and People for RJC Global Impact, Audrey leads transformative change for organizations worldwide in sectors such as mining, agriculture, education, healthcare and SME’s to large scale organizations.

Her unique approach to culture engineering and branding has revolutionized how organizations perceive and implement change, making her a sought-after expert in organizational transformation. Her global influence is evident, having trained and mentored thousands of leaders and instilling in them the principles of sustainable and responsible business practices that are deeply rooted in enhancing the human experience.

Throughout her professional journey, Audrey has consistently championed measurable and meaningful change through her unwavering loyalty to cultivating innovation, advocating for diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion, and emphasizing a human-centric approach within the business landscape. Throughout her career, she has received numerous nominations and awards on the global stage and recognized multiple times as a businesswoman and leader of the year has received trailblazer awards and multiple honorary acknowledgements for impactful and measurable social change.

In 2020, Audrey launched a pioneering program titled “MIND your MINE” under RJC Global Impact. This initiative is a comprehensive cultural transformation process designed to cultivate an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace environment. Audrey, leveraging her proprietary Neuro Mind Methodology® and Whole-Person Safety® system developed in 2011, identified a pressing need for psychological safety in the mining sector through her collaboration with RJC and her mining industry experience. The acronym “MIND” in “MIND your MINE” stands for “Mindful, Inclusive, and Neuro-Diversity,” reflecting the program’s focus. This transformational strategy and approach aim to meet the mining industry’s immediate demands for genuine, inclusive, and neurodiverse leadership, thereby empowering the modern mining workforce. Audrey’s innovative methods and unique experiential learning modules have provided effective solutions for numerous global enterprises in mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. These efforts are driving a paradigm shift towards ensuring mental and physical safety, building trust, and fostering a true sense of belonging among employees. Today, “MIND your MINE” is an essential tool and learning process, playing a pivotal role in transforming the present and future landscape of the mining workforce.

Dr. Marvin Thompson


Dr. Marvin Thompson is a recognized international leader with a doctorate in leadership and policy studies with over 35 years experience successfully transforming global organizations, government, and educational systems. His work expands in many industries from social, economic, mining, agricultural and education across North America, Africa, and Saudi Arabia where he is known for many innovative and foundational accomplishments.  Dr. Thompson is a leading industry expert in the field of change management, leadership psychology, succession planning and psychometrics where he implements research-based systems and business improvement standards with a 90% success rate in overall performance through increasing organizational capacity, quality planning, decision making and systems monitoring. Dr. Thompson’s experience in transforming systems and cultures has awarded him numerous awards, including being featured in the documentary Oprah Winfrey’s “Blackboard Wars”.   He has a lifetime of serving on various government economic development and academic committees and revised and developed school performance standards which are currently being used in states across the United States.  In addition to being invited to speak at the White House for the 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Convention in Washington, D.C, In 2009 Dr. Thompson was selected as one of the members of the International Exchange of Scholars to assist the University of South Africa, the 4th largest university in the world, in revising its educational curriculum to elevate the opportunity for economic equality. These efforts have influenced over fifty percent of the educator workforce on the continent of Africa. 

Rosellen Johnson

VP of Business Systems

Rosellen Johnson, Founder and CEO of RJC Global Impact has over 25 years of international experience servicing the mining industry in over 13 countries around the world.   Her diverse portfolio and educational background as a mechanical engineer, is the engine that drives the success behind every project she leads. Her passion for excellence and sustainability is at the forefront of her solution driven leadership and her effective and transformative operational initiatives. With every project outcome, Rosellen has demonstrated solid performance and is one of the industry’s top requested consultants and leaders of change.  

Her strong operations background and demonstrated performance in various leadership roles focused on business improvement represents a sound blend of theory and practice in strategy and operations management. Her experience in “hands-on” system implementation allows for a customized deployment solution that delivers sustained results quickly. Rosellen leads a large team of consultants within RJC Global Impact.  Her passion to transform the resource industry and be the leading organization that delivers highly effective solutions that empower sustainability is part of her vision as an integral partner for the global resource industry.  She is committed to elevating social and sustainable impacts through high level standards, processes and empowered leadership that puts people and our planet before profits. 

Simone Vitellaro

VP of Operations

Simone Vitellaro has over 15 years’ experience in facilitating leadership training, operations management and accountability coaching within a multitude of industries. Her skill set affords her the ability to elevate communication within any leadership team and move them through spaces of problem solving, empowering them to collectively bring forth solution driven agendas. Her extensive experience in project management has led projects through successful stakeholder engagement planning and implementation.  Her extensive background in agile and operations management allows her to elevate communication and coordinate teams from project execution to delivery.  She specializes in high-risk behaviour training with root cause and solution-driven approaches. Her operational background in understanding a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, supports her ability to lead successful project objectives through empowering people.  Additionally, she specializes in high-risk behavior training, while effectively developing others in conflict resolution. Her focus is to develop effective communication strategies that bring teams together to ensure that they have the right behaviours to lead and operate the right systems to drive a high performing culture and sustainability. 

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua

VP of Finance & Compliance

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua  has over 35 years experience in financial and business operations, including leading a Canadian division within the Italian ministry of foreign affairs. Maria Grazia has built and led international teams as large as 3500 people and successfully developed financial compliance systems to provide opportunities for equitable growth. She has received multiple recognitions for her contribution to building communities and has been awarded with many honors including the World Organization of Natural Medicine and The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for North, South and Central America for leading successful humanitarian and community engagement initiatives. As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, she served thousands of people all over the world including educating marginalized communities to be sustainable through education, healthcare and economic prosperity. As a lean six sigma black belt, and a specialist in the governance of grant writing and fundraising, Maria Grazia has been able to successfully champion inclusive, accessible and equitable financial opportunities in partnership with government institutions. 

Audrey Hlembizky

Founder and CEO

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Rosellen Johnson

Founder and CEO