you_are_the_changenewWelcome to the world of TeamsynerG where your purpose is our passion.
As the founder, I am honoured to work alongside my managing team and a multitude of professionals who are committed to developing front line human beings; the type of people who welcome fear as part of their bravery training so that they can unleash their greatest growth and courage; people who are transforming their pain into their purpose; and who are shaped by their hearts’ convictions and soul-searching need to make a difference in the world.

A life without meaning can be painful. I believe we are all created with a purpose and throughout our lives, life calls out to us. The moment when we are ready, we hear that calling, see the vision, and are driven to take the actions necessary to fulfil on our meaning of life. TeamsynerG is dedicated to being the catalyst in causing miracles; developing people to be unstoppable in spearheading movements that create massive shifts that heal humanity; and reinventing the paradigms of human behaviour.

The intention of our organization is to support entrepreneurs and change agents, who require the structures, accountability and strategic business plans to deliver their dreams and life purpose to the world. As part of our on-going pledge in creating a world that works, we faithfully take the necessary actions to train and mentor our young people giving birth to a future generation of world transforming leaders. We deliver a foundation of stability and trust for those who are dedicating their lives to social change. We coach and develop the life skills required to enable others to be resilient in their quest to accomplish their humanitarian endeavours and we have created a turn key facilitation for writers, entrepreneurs, community and personal development leaders, speakers, coaches and change agents.  who want to release a spiritual, leadership, self-development book or personal true-story in order to inspire others to live a life of greatness.

For many years I questioned how I could create a great enough impact in our world so that others may join this movement and begin to believe in its possibility. I then realized that needing validation was the very thing that slowed me down and held me back and the only way the change would occur, was when I declared that I will be the change that others believe is impossible. For this reason, it is my profound privilege to lead this organization and to be of service to you. Every day I practice happiness at a whole new level: one that does not require receiving anything in order to have happiness show up; simply from the joy of witnessing the miracles our clients create when we partner with a group of human beings who are committed to their life purpose.

Committed to Your Greatness,


Audrey Hlembizky

Founder & President