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Indigenous Partnerships Built With Mutual Respect

From political ecology, and environmental justice to the ethical and fair execution of impact and benefits agreements, our Indigenous Peoples have a world of reconciliation and recognition that is owed to them. And more importantly, to consistently be provided with every equal opportunity to control and lead their own economic growth and prosperity. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting one of the core purposes for our existence as an enterprise is to support, train, develop, mentor, coach, and facilitate the success of our Indigenous Peoples around the world and also bring together non-Indigenous organizations and leaders to the forefront of integrous and collaborative partnerships.

We believe together we can and now more than ever our planet needs the Indigenous knowledge that has been overlooked and even suppressed. Around the world, their wisdom has preserved distinctive understandings that are rooted in a culture that guides the sacred relations between humans and non-humans throughout our ecosystems.

TeamsynerG Global Consulting has two distinct divisions of our Indigenous consulting services. The first is to support the Indigenous Peoples in leadership and economic development; provide training, skills, mentorship, and coaching. Also, to create business strategies, procurement opportunities, innovative start-ups, climate change initiatives, and land development with built-in sustainability plans and support using their own land and resources to capitalize on independence and economic prosperity. We understand reconciliation around colonialism and the impacts that it left on generations. We are committed to be part of transforming the future by working in partnership with our Indigenous leaders to rebuild food, water, political and govern sovereignty, for independence, equal opportunity and human rights for all. Our second division focuses on Indigenous relations, community engagement, impact and benefits agreements, climate change, clean drinking water accountability, procurement, environmental justice, and strong partnerships. Our team of experts have an invested, as opposed to vested, interest in the well-being and success of our Indigenous Peoples, our united goal is to unlock the full potential of what could be possible so that our future generations have the same opportunities we do. Indigenous knowledge is something our team deeply values and believes in the wealth of wisdom and we want to be part of giving that wisdom a platform for what is possible.


Equal Education For An Equal Future

Indigenous equality begins with education and ensures everything, from childhood education straight through to post-secondary and career development training, is built into the natural system and lifestyle of our Indigenous Peoples. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art skill development, career training, and leadership and business development to our Aboriginal and First Nations communities.

We believe in Whole Person Education and more importantly creating environments where there is a fair exchange of knowledge. In addition, we have created a platform of educational exchange opportunities. A trade of wisdom and experience that has everyone benefit and win. From strategic planning, economic development, and human resource skills to building elementary, intermediate, and post-secondary education opportunities for children and youth. TeamsynerG Global Consulting focuses on identifying critical needs so we can get to the root cause of the suppression of economic independence and prosperity. Our Indigenous Peoples have an abundance of skills, products, and resources that are often overlooked during the procurement process. Unless an IBA exists, several Indigenous Peoples will be left out of the opportunity. TeamsynerG Global Consulting works in partnership with community leaders and designs structures and programs so they can capitalize on their right to be included at every step of the process.


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