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Prepare Your Operations for 2030 and Beyond

Operational integrity and excellence are what leaders strive for and it is one of the things where there is a constant opportunity for continuous improvement. TeamsynerG Global Consulting connects operations to strategy and optimizes sustainability and your manufacturing footprint. Our team will create the business improvement vision for radical improvement to produce your organization's full potential.  From our simple solution approach to leveraging our proven expertise to optimize performance and success, our priority is bridging the gap and eliminating all variabilities that contribute to disruption, and build in a proactive approach to operational systems.  

At TeamsynerG we believe that the operational systems and the process behaviors must be aligned. Our proprietary methodologies and tools have been used all around the world to bring some of the largest industry leaders from risk to optimal and simultaneously develop the leaders to lead the systems in a consistent, high-performing manner and hold the entire organization accountable for their operational impacts and wins. 
You cannot have one without the other. It is the same as human health and the health of the planet are inseparable, yet we use up natural resources thinking us as a race can live way beyond the lifespan of our ecosystems.  There is a critical condition facing all organizations today and that is the unwillingness to measure success beyond profit. When we focus on the profits and forget the people driving the business, you cannot have a sustainable system. With the market growing rapidly and the demand for highly qualified professionals, one of the largest risks a company can face is employee turnover. Accountability driven by training and investment in your people is an investment in the life of the business operations. Our team of high qualified accountability experts pride themselves in building and boosting confidence, skills, agility, resilience, and creativity in leaders and at all levels of the workforce. Building a workforce that can mobilize resources to solve critical and short-term immediate problems and think proactively versus reactively can be the difference needed to obtain all the organization’s goals.  Our team understands the benefits of behavioral economics and the physiological patterns that inspire economic decision-making. We wholeheartedly believe that if you ensure your people, leaders have all the necessary tools for success and a culture where there is a demand for them to be their absolute best that will then lead to a culture where everyone is honored and proud to be part of. 
  • Psychological safety is critical to building and maintaining an inclusive and innovative culture. Creating an environment of trust, fairness and autonomy allows everyone to take risks and see the possibilities that will lead the organization's positive and sustainable growth. Through TeamsynerG's proprietary, multi-level WHOLE-PERSONsafety® training and mentoring programs, leaders will learn the importance of including everyone at all times and how that can be incorporated as an organic part of any business process. Leaders and the workforce will also be trained in what whole-person safety looks, feels and sounds like. Our communication and engagement training provides the organization with the opportunity to demonstrate how much they value the physical and mental well-being of each and every person who works for their organization. That everyone matters and everyone has the same fair rights to all opportunities. Our programs have a multi-level approach based on levels of work and incorporate a deep assessment of the organization's current policies, practices and standards. Our unique programs have been proven to increase transparency, loyalty, effectiveness, productivity and dramatically reduce employee absence and turn over. 

  • Adaptability is a core competency of agile leadership, and agility begins with resilience and agile and resilient leaders can propel change and reimagine a strategic direction. Agile leaders can overcome obstacles and implement new processes and systems to bridge the gap of their workforce and operational needs and when you have a culture of accountability that is led by example through the leadership, an organization can bring sustainability to long-term business objectives and success. At TeamsynerG accountability is what has positioned us as a leader in culture and leadership transformation. Accountability is at the root of our company's values and it is something that we pride ourselves on when training and coaching our clients to advance them towards a thriving agile, resilient culture. Our team of experts have designed exclusive accountability behaviour tools that partner with learning objectives to support the need in developing agile people leaders. Agility is sustainable only when it is supported at every level of the organization. Each work level has its own expectations of agile approaches to roles and work outputs and yet there is an expectation that agility is something that is natural human skill. This misconception prevents organizations from investing into agility assessments and training so they know where their gaps exist.  Our agility assessment tools reveal what is necessary to support building a framework for personal training and development that is customized and not generalized so that we can provide accurate, direct and impactful accountability, agility and resilient training programs, workshops, mentoring and coaching. 

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Measuring Progress will Measure Needs

At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we believe that human-centered systems thinking approach will guarantee to drive the performance outcomes that all stakeholders expect. When you focus on what data tells you, you can see your gaps and identify risks. Often data is ignored and performance seems like a mystery or becomes something personal and a people culture. Operational excellence begins with knowing your gaps in what does not exist and assessing how effective what you do have in place is. Behavior economics and operational efficiency are one unit. One cannot be successful without the other and yet in many of today's organizations the performance variability is often blamed on a person versus the whole system. People and systems work in partnership and in order to identify what is missing to empower the full potential you need to see what is often hidden.

Our proprietary advanced assessment system BRIDGE® was originally designed based on a gap within the industry and the ability to really identify where an operation was weak and or was failing. The traditional approach only looks at the structured mechanical process and physical systems and unfortunately fails the leaders operating the machines. The synergy of the two working in alignment brings a level of functionality, and success to the outcomes and contributes to a culture of everyone matters and wins.   


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