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Onboarding – More than Just Getting On Board

When hired by a company, usually the new employee will be given a date and time for their Onboarding session.  Many companies have regularly scheduled times so all involved departments are always prepared.  A room is reserved.  Coffee and light snacks may be available.  Forms are completed.  Forms are collected – or submitted.  And new employees are sent on their way to begin their careers.

And the Onboarding is considered completed.  While that is the typical process for Onboarding, that is Orientation – a part of Onboarding.  New employees need a process to not only get onboard but to stay onboard.  

Onboarding is often confused with orientation. While orientation is necessary for completing paperwork and other routine tasks, onboarding is a comprehensive process involving management and other employees and can last up to 12 months.

Steps to Onboarding:

Gallup’s Creating an Exceptional Onboarding Journey for Your New Employees has discovered that there are five main questions asked during that time that, when addressed, lead to an exceptional onboarding program that sets up employees for success


1) “What do we believe in around here?”

2) “What are my strengths?”

3) “What is my role?”

4) “Who are my partners?”

5) “What does my future here look like?”

Onboarding should be considered ongoing.  It is more than a session to complete forms.  It is a process to continually meet the needs of each employee with the needs of the company.

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