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Never Forget the “H” in HR

The Human Resources (HR) department is too often viewed only as the place to get hired or fired.  Yes, HR will see an employee on the front end with the hiring process.  Also, HR is there on the back end when it is necessary to terminate an employee.  But HR communication should be involved throughout the life span of an employee to ensure prosperity for the company.  Also, whether hiring or firing, all HR actions should start with humanity.

Changing the perception of the HR department starts with ensuring the department is clear in the mission of the company.  HR must always be available to help employees understand their purpose.  Also, HR should provide support for employees to not only be successful in their current position but also be knowledgeable for future growth opportunities.

While dealing with the perceived negative side of the HR department, all interactions should be handled with humanity.  For example, when disciplining an employee, it should be with professionalism.  Matters should be discussed with a two-way conversation to ensure both sides are aware of the problem.  Corrective actions should be discussed and documented with a timeline for monitoring.  This is for more than the support of the employee – this is to ensure work expectations are clear.  Whenever possible reconciliation should be implemented to keep an employee on the correct path of the company.  When an employee has violated company standards to the point that termination is required, the HR representative should continue to act with professionalism and humanity.  Regardless of a person’s behavior, the HR representative should behave in such a manner that the dignity of the employee and the reputation of the company are both respected.

Between orientation and termination, the HR department should be a beacon of support for all staff members.  Information should be sent to all employees on a regular schedule to share new information and refresh the implementation of current policies.  An HR department is tasked with maximizing employee productivity and protecting the company from any issues that may arise within the workforce. Also, recognition and rewards help staff see the humanity in HR.  

Major Functions of a Humane HR Department

A humane Human Resources department continually communicates within their company.  Communication is not a top-down process but opens for ensuring all questions are answered, all employees feel valued, and the success of the company is always of the utmost importance.  

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