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In today’s fast-paced and diverse work environments, psychological safety has emerged as a cornerstone for innovative, inclusive, and high-performing teams. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting, we recognize that building and sustaining a psychologically safe workplace will take a new generation of leadership. Leadership that authentically understands the employee experience through the lens of compliance to care.  In the last decade, our organization has been leading this work for organizations around the world, transforming workplace environments and seamlessly integrating evidence-based practices through our proprietary methodologies and proven strategies.  

With over 75 years of experience in leadership, policy and organizational development and culture engineering we have had the privilege to develop models and proven technology that create sustainable change.

This has allowed our clients to adopt our methodologies that are designed to organically and authentically build trust, respect, inclusion and diversity within their organizational culture. Without psychological safety, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives will not be possible and therefore making it impossible to create a culture of dignity and belonging. 

For this reason, our team of experts are committed to have the leading industries around the globe inherit the power and principles of psychological safety practices, allowing their workforce to trust that they can speak up, share ideas, and express concerns without fear of punishment or humiliation. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, and being themselves. This concept goes beyond the absence of interpersonal conflict; it’s about fostering a culture where candid conversations, creative thinking, and constructive feedback are not just allowed but encouraged and everyone feels valued and supported.   

Transforming Workplace Culture with

Psychological Safety Consulting

At TeamsynerG our services are intricately designed to reinforce the foundations of psychological safety within your organization. By addressing the specific needs and nuances of psychological safety through these targeted approaches, we support your organization in creating a work environment where employees feel genuinely supported, valued, and empowered to contribute to their fullest potential.

Creating clear, comprehensive policies that are actionable and explicitly support psychological safety. This includes guidelines for respectful communication, procedures for reporting and addressing psychological harm, and policies that encourage risk-taking and vulnerability without fear of negative consequences.

Incorporating psychological safety as a key element in organizational strategic planning. This involves setting specific, measurable goals around creating a safe, open, and supportive work environment and integrating these objectives into broader business strategies.

Developing Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives that prioritize employee mental health, community safety,  air treatment policies and social performance inclusion programs.

Conducting workshops that train employees and managers in recognizing and fostering psychological safety, covering topics like active listening, empathy, and how to provide supportive feedback that encourages growth and learning.

Offering online courses focused on the principles of psychological safety, such as understanding and managing emotions at work, accountability, building resilient teams, and fostering an environment where speaking up is encouraged and valued.

Providing leadership coaching that emphasizes creating and maintaining a psychologically safe team environment. This includes training on how to respond to team members’ concerns with empathy, encourage open discussions, and lead by example in vulnerability.

Implementing assessment tools specifically designed to measure the level of psychological safety within teams and the organization, allowing for targeted interventions and continuous improvement.

Establishing robust feedback systems that encourage and facilitate anonymous and safe sharing of concerns and suggestions, ensuring that every employee feels their voice can be heard without fear of retribution.

Designing well-being programs that specifically address the psychological aspects of employee health, such as stress management workshops, access to mental health resources, and initiatives that promote a healthy work-life balance.

Providing training focused on building trust and openness through effective communication techniques, teaching employees how to express themselves clearly and listen to others in a way that fosters mutual understanding and respect.

Offering training in conflict resolution with a focus on maintaining psychological safety, teaching employees and managers how to address disagreements in a way that respects all parties’ viewpoints and emotions.

Implementing initiatives that not only promote diversity and inclusion but also tie these directly to creating a psychologically safe environment where diverse perspectives are not just accepted but valued and sought out.

Facilitating Employee Resource Groups that offer a safe space for employees to connect with others who share similar backgrounds or experiences, thereby enhancing the sense of safety and belonging within the organization.

Assisting organizations in managing change while prioritizing psychological safety, ensuring that transitions are handled in a way that is transparent, empathetic, and supportive of employees’ concerns and needs.


Whole-Person Safety® is a proprietary methodology developed by Dr. Marvin Thompson and Audrey Hlembizky from TeamsynerG Global Consulting, through 75 years of multi-industry experience in leadership and policy development, behaviour economics, culture engineering, organizational change, business improvement and workplace psychology. 

A data-driven and research-based model and approach to creating a paradigm shift in leadership behaviours at every level of the organization to engineer inclusive cultures and workplace environments of safety, inclusion, dignity and respect.

Whole-Person Safety® is a comprehensive framework that integrates both psychological and occupational safety. Psychological safety refers to the emotional aspects of safety, where employees feel secure, respected, and free to express themselves without fear of negative consequences. Occupational safety, on the other hand, pertains to the physical aspects of safety, ensuring that employees are protected from harm, health risks and have all their physiological needs provided within their built environments. 

Whole-Person Safety® is a progressive approach that recognizes the intricate connection between an employee’s psychological and occupational safety is not just an ethical decision but a strategic one, leading to a healthier, more engaged workforce, lower operational risks, enhanced reputation, and ultimately, greater profitability. This approach to safety is an investment in the company’s most valuable resource – its people – and is critical for the sustainable success of any mining organization.


The spaces where we work significantly impact our mental state. A mindfully and inclusively designed, safe, and comfortable physical environment not only prevents physical harm but also promotes mental clarity and reduces stress optimizing employee performance.


The spaces where we work significantly impact our mental state. A mindfully and inclusively designed, safe, and comfortable physical environment not only prevents physical harm but also promotes mental clarity and reduces stress optimizing employee performance.


The holistic health of employees is at the core of employee engagement. Physical health initiatives are deeply intertwined with mental and emotional support systems. An individual who feels cared for in all aspects of their well-being is more engaged, resilient, and productive


Safe behaviours in the workplace are not just about following rules; they’re about creating an environment where individuals feel secure enough to voice concerns, report incidents and trust that their safety is a priority. This sense of security is foundational for psychological safety and risk mitigation and holds leadership accountable for following through with grievances that result in reconciliation and positive resolutions


Onboarding, safety training, continuous improvement based on data and the provision of uniforms and PPE, this is not just about physical protection; it’s a tangible demonstration that the organization values the individual’s safety. This care for physical well-being, awareness, self-reflection and transparency reinforces an individual’s sense of being valued and supported and leads to each employee being a leader and ambassador for a  safety culture


Is about creating a space where every individual feels they can show up as their authentic selves without fear. This sense of acceptance is critical allowing individuals to contribute fully and creatively. Workplace fears kills a culture and inclusion safety has multiple levels of consideration in how an employee experiences themselves and others with all stakeholders within an organization, when we experience belonging, we develop trust and that trust creates humans to excel, especially in the face of challenges, fostering a culture of agility and accountability


Introduction to Building Inclusive andPsychologically Safe Workplace Cultures

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TeamsynerG Global Consulting Inc. specializes in multi-level physiological safety training programs. Our proprietary program Whole-PersonSafety® is internationally recognized as the key to building trust and ensuring that each worker is trained in their responsibility safety level. With each role and level of work comes different responsibilities and our programs have a built-in strategy with one-of-kind facilitation and philosophy that goes beyond a lecture, an online program, or a new policy awareness rollout. Our programs are designed for  long term success with a built in structure for onboarding and lead consistent behaviours and mental models across the workforce. TeamsynerG’s methodology includes everyone and has a meet people where they are at approach. We understand that the current state of thinking is different for everyone and it is ineffective to force a new way of thinking; therefore we empower each person to own the responsibility and provide insights and project-based learning to optimize new actions and behaviors that result in a trusting, safe work environment where not only people feel they belong but want to build a future with. 
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Whole-Person Safety Programs:

Key Benefits and Outcomes:

Whole-Person Safety Coaching

Our Whole-Person Safety Coaching program is designed at the leadership level to train and mentor leaders to lead the change. By focusing on training, the leaders in new thinking and behaviour models  can then be the example needed to spread throughout the organization. Leaders MUST CONSISTENTLY model what this looks, sounds, and feels like and it is critical that the leaders continually reinforce through their engagement outputs through speaking, writing, acting, and planning have an authentic inclusive and psychologically safe approach. Our on-the-court, real time coaching model develops leaders through project based learn modules and experiential learning implementation. At TeamsynerG Global Consulting we have created customized training and coaching programs based on the leadership level, role, and responsibility within the organization. 

Our 4 Step Leadership Psychological Safety Coaching Approach

  1. Safety Gap Assessment- Access current behaviors and risks that threaten psychological safety
  2. Design a personal training plan to close the gaps and build capability and capacity
  3. Facilitate and Coach through experiential learning implementation
  4. Measure performance and cultural outcomes for continuous improvement, standard, and policy change. 

Key Benefits and Outcomes:

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