TeamSynerG Magazine

TTeamsynerG is proud to present SynerG magazine. A magazine committed to delivering what our world is hungry for. GOOD NEWS. The kind of news that inspires others and showcases real stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. A collection of masterpieces written by today’s trailblazers, celebrities, industry icons and youth leaders who are dedicated to transforming our world. Our writers are a collection of masterful change agents that are spearheading movements that are revolutionizing lives.

SynerG magazine is a mega-dose of happiness. With page after page of aliveness and editorials that draw you in and play on your heart-strings. With every word you read, you will be connected to a source that thrills you with the divine energy of love, compassion, kindness and truth. From lifestyle to miracles, our magazine will elevate the world of media and create a demand for what is possible; what is real and what people are creating to have our world work.


TeamsynerG is honoured to present our innovative team who are collaborating to create a world-class reading experience.

Pat Cluett – Editor in Chief

I believe wholeheartedly that love will be our salvation. When we are cold, a warm heart will fill us with everlasting joy. A good story will incite passion and inspire people to  pay it forward- we get back what we give.  I want this magazine to be MEANINGFUL:  give  joy to the world and create harmony across the globe.

Fariha Shah – Assistant Editor and Lead Journalist

I am overjoyed to be part of a telecast of inspiration, motivation, and human exultation that the world is yearning to hear. A  project where the main event is good news:  Celebration of life; gratitude; stories of triumph and self-empowerment; matters which are heart-touching and soul-inspiring. – THOSE are topics worth reading!

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