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istock_000056631696_newDo you have a dream to write your own book and yet, you do not know where to start?

Many of today’s new authors find themselves trapped inside the wanting of being an author and have this undeniable commitment to write a masterpiece, only to find themselves trapped inside the walls of the unknown.

Being an author of your own book could look like submitting your manuscript to a publisher and hope they will believe in your book as much as you do, or take on the risk of self-publishing all alone. There are many factors involved in writing a book that will not only be a quality representation of you, it will also generate money to fund your passion to inspire and motivate others.

The question is not about choosing traditional publishing or self-publishing, it is what you will manifest from choosingPROFESSIONAL versus UNPROFESSIONAL.

If your goal is to put out the best possible product and experience for your customers and your brand, maximize the money you earn and build a platform of dedicated readers; it is vital to look at your book as a business. That takes an investment in yourself and your book.

Turn-Key Book production and management is a unique service that allows you to take the guess work out of creating your own book and instead focus on what you love and that is telling your story. We are your partner in professionally self-publishing your book and are committed to an authentic partnership based on the core values of excellence, integrity and love.

Our goal is to coach you from inception to completion, allowing you to remain in a state of peak performance. More importantly you OWN 100% of the book YOU wrote and that equals 100% profits.

Our goal is to facilitate a partnership to create a meaningful masterpiece. One that will have your heart stamp all over it.

Audrey Hlembizky and her team promise to be at the source of your effectiveness and deliver on our word. We are your dream facilitators and  embrace the meaning behind that. We get that you are opening up your mind, body and spirit and exposing yourself to the world. For that reason, we have your back and we are committed to a future of trust, loyalty and unwavering faith in YOU.

Turn-Key Book Production & Management includes:

  • WRITING COACH- your own personal coach is your muse, to elevate your performance, effectiveness and authentic expression, exercise your writing muscle and write a book that wholeheartedly reflects who you are.
  • BOOK STRUCTURE:– a book structure generates a masterful presentation and impact. strategically implementing meaningful sequences to flow inside the readers mind. Mapping out the details to generate a best seller.
  • CHAPTER TITLE CREATION: Each chapter is like the anatomy of the body, each serves a purpose inside the journey your reader will experience.
  • HIGH QUALITY FORWARD: sourcing out a credible source to be a written contributor.
  • BOOK COVER DESIGN: first impressions are everything. Your book cover is your store-front and what people will see when choosing their next book.
  • PRINTING & E-BOOK: from final edits, to preparing for press, to digital creation and receiving the first book in your hand. We will manage it all.
  • SALES FORECAST & RETAILERS: The goal is that your book makes money, this is a business. Financial plans are key. On and off line retailers are your partners in having your book reach the masses.
  • BRANDING & MARKETING:  without a strategic marketing plan and or the power of your personal brand as the author, the book will not sell. This is a integral part of the success of your book.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS & BOOK TOUR: Getting the world to know you as the author behind the book.

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