aaistock_91520825_newYou may have heard the quote “small acts multiplied by millions of
people can change the world,” this statement is one of the reasons of
our existence. At TeamsynerG we stand behind the everyday hero: ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things,  the fearless
leaders of our time and their unwavering commitment to social change.

TeamsynerG has created a multitude of platforms that we will be
launching over several months that are designed to bring our
community together. To facilitate programs and workshops for family
and youth creating a making-a-difference movement that celebrates the
miracles that are happening around us.

TeamsynerG is also committed to delivering “GOOD NEWS” in the form of our magazine: SynerG Magazine now in it’s second issue.  We will continue to deliver “News that Matters” through our soon to be released radio and television platforms.

For more information about our upcoming community projects or to share
a story of change please email [email protected]