Accountability Coaching

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results and at TeamSynerG our goal is empower you to look beyond the finish line so when you reach that first destination that you desire, you enter a new world of maximizing on all your goals and dreams.

With TeamSynerG’s highly trained accountability coaches and our proven method of high performance coaching, you will be trained and developed to not let your emotions, excuses, fears and past failures dictate your actions and impact your results.  Our coaches are dedicated to your end game and believe when you win we win.  Our strategic and proven methodology in accountability structures is what will get you further faster and allow you to remove lids you place on your limits.

Our Accountability and performance coaching services include:


  • One on one weekly coaching sessions.
  • Daily action tracking system.
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Action driven structures and work back plans.

30 days of accountability coaching  Price: $1499 (plus tax)

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60 days of accountability coaching Price: $2799 (plus tax)

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90 days of accountability coaching $3799 (plus tax)

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