The Team

Our team of high performing coaches, consultants and result driven experts are committed to lifting the lid off your limits and develop your leadership.

Our unique platform of key services is specific to those who authentically want to make a difference in the lives of others and ignite their contribution to the world. Our unwavering commitment to developing extreme achievers will have you plug into your greatness as your goals shape every action you take. Our team partners with you, so that you can put your focus into the objective of your life to ensure your ambitions are a match for your heart and spirit which is yearning to advocate change.

It takes discipline to not negotiate with your dreams. Our team of dedicated professionals will keep you accountable for the life you say you want. Delivering on our promise is the missing piece in the puzzle. We understand that your questioning “how’s” stop you from moving forward, and leave you with unfulfilled answers. TeamsynerG will bridge the gap between where you are now to where you are destined to be. Our formula for success has been established through years of performance failures, education, self-development training, and life experiences. With that, YOU get to capitalize on the on-going successful outcomes that are created.

Our team stands behind our word and every individual we represent. You are as true of a reflection of us as we are of you. For that reason, we are your lifetime partners in breathing life into your goals and aspirations. We will stand with you as you choose your life, never diluting your vision or allowing you to loose yourself on the way to the top. We will get you clear that there is no due date to live your life the way you want and that every day is a new start for your leadership and to ignite the passion within your purpose.

Audrey Hlembizky


Audrey Hlembizky is an entrepreneur, high performance coach, business consultant and brand engineer focused on goal and dream facilitation.  Her passion is guided by her humanitarian heart as she celebrates life by embracing each day with an unwavering force of love.
Audrey’s innovative spirit is recognized within many industries for developing unique concepts, stellar results and known to shift the ordinary to extraordinary.
With over 25 years experience in business development and social change, her portfolio represents her skill set and her relentless desire to expand herself inside the domain of excellence.
Her dedication to exceeding expectations awards her with many industry firsts, contributing to a long list of unique successes within North America.  Audrey is able to take an idea and give it life, a visionary at heart and a mastermind in spirit.  Her above standard approach and the desire to be ten steps ahead of the norm is what gained her recognition as an industry leader and a remarkable contribution to thousands of lives.
With a multitude of expertise that focuses on performance driven coaching, leadership, experiential marketing, brand mastery, social media, public relations and community development, Audrey is able to spearhead any business to the finish line.  Her signature style and creative synergy transcends ideas into reality and ensures the wow factor is at the forefront of everything she is committed too.

Fatima Gould

Managing Partner and Director of Operations

Fatima is a community ambassador for change, speaker, international bestselling author and communication coach, she has taken the lid off what others believe is impossible. Fatima has transformed her life to be a catalyst of hope, empowering a new path of leadership in the world through personal development, forgiveness, love and faith.

Alanna Carr

Managing Partner and Director of Excellence

Alanna Carr is an international bestselling author, communication coach and workshop facilitator.  She is committed to inspiring children worldwide to know themselves to be perfect just as they are, knowing that they can create anything they dream of for their lives.  Teaching children self-acceptance as an access to acceptance of others, and developing our future compassionate leaders who will create a world that works for everyone.

Simone Vitellaro

Managing Partner and Director of  Project Management

With a background of 8 years experience working in the field of community advancement and social change, Simone is dedicated to impacting the lives of children, youth, teens, women and empowering healthy families.

Nina Ganguli

Managing Partner and Director of Business Development

Nina is an award-winning author, speaker,  coach and I CAN life leader; with over 20 years experience in corporate performance, results analysis and strategic leadership. She has the ability to take you from where you are now to where you want to be, through her personal coaching  and online self development services.

Nina is known for her signature style that causes a shift in mindset. She navigates her clients through a personal journey of what it is like to transform I can’ts into I cans with ease.

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