I want change.  I need change, or am I the change?

When I looked at myself in the mirror, what did I see?

The reflection was that of someone who looked old, had gray facial hair, wore saggy dark colour clothes, was overweight, wore granny shoes and granny panties.  Oh my! That perspective was not very flattering.  My God! What happened to the young woman who wore heels, bright clothes, matching shoes and matching under garments? Where was the woman who took pristine care of herself, saw the world as a place of opportunity, and endless possibilities? I got lost in a space where time had stopped and became the image of a stranger looking back at me in the mirror.  The words I used to describe myself were: unwanted, undesirable, unloved, and used up like garbage that no one would want.   As the tears filled my eyes; I started to wonder, what happened? How can I get back to a place of hope, faith, opportunity and possibility?

I believed the first place to start was my mind.  I looked back at a maturing young woman and mother.  Seeing myself on the inside as desirable, wanted and loved.  I came to a fork in the road and asked myself which path is the best one for now?  One path led to the same old stuff.  The path other  lead to loving myself, and changing the conversations in my head.  The intention was to feel good on the inside and the outside would catch up.

I started to look newly at my reflection in the mirror, noticing that the brightness in my eyes was still there, and realized that the smile that can light up a room needs to shine more.  I discovered the more powerful responses to simple questions brought about immediate changes.  For example: when asked how I was doing, my answers became: I am great, or I am wonderful, or I am fantastic, or I am superfantabolous!  My inner chaos gave way to a feeling of optimism.  The granny shoes turned into higher heels than before.  The hair turned into a style that suited my face, and I found a new attitude.  The granny under garments turned into sexy lingerie.

The feeling of aliveness has returned to a higher rate of vibration.  My mind, body and soul are being transformed into a peace zone.  I am ready to see the world around me as I never have before.  The people around me have started to see the difference, and are amazed by the transformation.

Today I am asking, what do you see when you are looking in the mirror?

Written by Fatima Gould