When we are young we think that we have all the time in the world to live our lives and as we get older we realize that time goes by fast.  This past weekend my maternal aunt passed away. It was not sudden, she had been suffering with a rare auto-immune disease and I’m glad that she is no longer suffering. Although we knew the time would be coming soon, you can’t avoid that death is final.  

It’s natural during times like this that you’d begin to contemplate your own life.  Taking stock of what has and hasn’t been done, looking at your dreams and wondering, have I been playing all out in this thing called life?

If you are not playing all out, then I urge you get out of your comfort zone, stop pretending like you don’t care if your dreams come true or not and take a risk.  Don’t let fear and complacency stop you. At the end of your days you don’t want to look back and think, I wish I had done this or I should’ve done that. NOW IS THE TIME!

I’m blessed I am living the life I dreamed of and it really took and continues to take courage to be an entrepreneur. I’m also glad that in my quest to be the best version of me that I can be, I have taken on a program that urges me every day to communicate  to everyone in my life where there is something left undone. A program that urges me to be a woman of honour and courage and by that I mean I am pushed to my limits in being a human being that does what I say. And let me tell you it’s not easy and a lot of time all of this gets done kicking and screaming both from me and my coaches!  Yet this is what I know for sure, because I have put this in place for myself, I will die with no regrets, nothing left unsaid or undone.

While we mourn my aunt, I can take great solace in knowing  that she lived a full and beautiful life. I am encouraging you, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Look at what you want and what you’ve accomplished, what you have not said and what you’ve not let go of, and if the things you want are still alive in you then stop taking the easy road and jump in eyes wide open.

It’s an honour to serve you. God Bless.

Nina Ganguli