Sometimes in life  we find ourselves stuck in a rut and we’re trying to figure out what to do about it. Like hamsters on a wheel we just can’t seem to stop the madness. So my question is how do we slow down and enjoy life to its fullest?

I believe that there has to be a way to have balance in our lives. It’s sometimes a struggle to juggle everything that we have  going on from family, work, school exercising, eating properly and having fun. We seem to create such a busy life that it becomes  so overwhelming, causing us to have anxiety and fear over all the things that we have to do. We’re the ones that make our schedules crazy by saying yes to more and more things and  then we complain that there’s no way to stop and slow down! When I was stuck in the hamster wheel I often asked myself if there was a way to stop, slow down, bring balance into my life, and really who’s in charge here?  ThenI really started to seek out the answers and what I came up with were these five points to bring about a shift to balance your life:

1. Having a morning routine that sets the tone for your day, which could include meditation, prayer, exercise and a healthy meal. This brings focus and clarity to the start of the day.
2. Creating a manageable schedule. Take time every week to plan out your schedule for the week or maybe two weeks.  Colour code every area of your life and make sure that you schedule the time and activities you need for yourself, to do the things that rejuvenate you and bring you joy.  Then schedule all family and work commitments, and I also recommend scheduling commuting time and your meals. The leftover white space is the time that you have available and can decide to add new activities as life throws them at you, if you choose to accept them.
3. Unplugging from electronic devices and technology for at least 4 hours per day.  This means spending less time on social media, talking on the phone, surfing the Internet and playing video games. Time that could be better spent curling up on the sofa and reading a good book. There’s just something to be said about the touch and feel of a book, magazine or newspaper that is relaxing.
4. Spending more time outdoors. For example going for walks in the park, driving to a beach or a place that has a body of  water. There’s something very tranquil, peaceful and grounding when listening to the running water, the wind blowing, the birds chirping and breathing in fresh air.   It is very calming to the nerves.
5. Bring focus and intentionality to the activities in life. What I mean by that is delegating tasks that need to be done at home for example washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and laundry. For tasks at work you could be delegating them to a team, managers, supervisors and/or administrative assistants. Delegation is a skill that creates balance in all areas of life. You can even go as far as assigning someone to create fun outings for the  family, at work and amongst friends.

There’s nothing more juicy and delicious in life than having a balanced lifestyle. When your mind, body, soul and spirit are in balance it creates freedom, ease and peace. From there, ewe can then embrace each day with a smile!

With Love,

Fatima Gould