I’ m sitting here trying to think about what to write. It’s my turn to hand in my blog and nothing is coming to mind.  I want to do everything else but begin this blog, yet I’ve put it off long enough.

In the back of my mind is running a conversation I had with my brother that is impacting my focus.  This is life. You’ve got deadlines to meet, responsibilities and so much more and there are times when the circumstances seem like they’re insurmountable. What can we do, who can we be so that we continue to produce the results we want in life even when that life seems to want to take us out of the game?

Over the last few years of intense personal growth training and development, I have learned to choose my circumstances and not fight against them.  I’m not saying that I am giving up; what I am saying is that I make a powerful choice; I choose to accept the circumstances as they are without making them wrong.  You may be thinking well hold on a minute Nina, easier said than done. I say, I don’t think so. Choice happens in a split second, now your reasons and considerations are what make the choice difficult.  There are a plethora of choices we make daily that we don’t even know we are making. Most of those choices are automatic and have been etched into your subconscious mind over time.

What about the choices you lament over? Or the ones you resist making?  We should be able to allow ourselves to be in the lamentation or resistance?  Umm NO! What good does that really do? You get to avoid being responsible for your life and how it goes. You get to be a VICTIM of your own creation! Does that give you what you want?  Does it produce the results you expect? Stay with me here, there certainly are circumstances that will shake you up and have you pause, nonetheless you still have a say in the matter, you get to choose who you are going to be in that moment that can take you out of the game.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Your thoughts and how you perceive a circumstance/situation will dictate the action you take. Pause for a second and think about it. You can choose the easy road and give in or you can take the road less travelled, the one that will have you be powerful in moving forward.   

One of the greatest gifts that I have given myself is the gift of a TRIBE.  A group of incredible people that never let me take the guided tour of the victim mentality, who don’t let me be dominated by things that are out of my control.  Like I said before, I also have enrolled myself in some serious training around this as well. For many years I lived life as if I were a victim of my circumstances, like I had no control.  Once I really discovered that circumstances don’t make you a victim, your thoughts do, I was FREE! I AM FREE! No matter what I am dealing I CAN continue to live a life that I love, build the dream that I have for it and [email protected] will still happen, that’s just the rollercoaster of life.

With love,

Nina Ganguli