As I get older I realize that it’s important to have a morning routine especially now that I’m  an entrepreneur. Can’t say that I miss getting out of my warm cozy bed at 5 AM on a cold winter morning to get ready for work and leaving the house by 6:10 AM for my daily trip to Scarborough for an hour and 20 minutes. With that routine there was no time for self-care just get up and go go go go go!

Now as an entrepreneur it’s a whole new ballgame and I can take time to meditate in the mornings for an hour. I listen to the sweet sounds of OM Chanting and musical instruments. Or the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks, leaves rustling, wind blowing or the sea gently rolling in and out. I find these sounds soothing to my soul and it takes me to a place that I never knew existed in my subconscious. A place of peace, joy and happiness. And sometimes when my mind starts to run a stray I just listen to one of the sounds on  my phone which quiets the noise in my head and I’m able to concentrate on my breathing. Whether it is my breath or the sound, my body relaxes and for a moment in time I forget about all the external forces that pull me in many different directions.

This is a place where I say good morning to God and give thanks for all my many blessings. I also    pray for the needs of other people, ask for forgiveness and root cause healing in my body. It is during this time of peace and solitude that I  practice visualization in order to manifest the desires of my heart:

  1. A home so that  single parents in need of a hand up while they get themselves financially, emotionally and physically stable
  2. The type of home I would like for my family with a recording studio where artists use it also as my give back to the community
  3. I also thinking about a home in the tropics for the harsh cold Canadian winters

I enjoy this time and it’s like I’m In my own world where there is no clock ticking and time stands still. My breathing becomes steady and my body becomes weightless, my thoughts are my own and I am in a conversation with God. It’s an amazing way to start my day before I put my feet  down on the floor and the madness of my day begins!

How do you start your day?

How do you quiet your mind?

How do you relax your soul?



With Love,

Fatima Gould