Iyou know me well, you know that I struggle with structure, and when I say structure, I mean putting tasks in my calendar and then holding myself to account to follow my structure.  For example, I put in my calendar to write this blog from 11:45 to 1pm and it’s actually 1 pm and I’m starting now. Now there are many factors that have me not doing this at the time I said I would schedule it, so here goes, here are my reasons (see me rolling my eyes at myself as I begin to justify why i’m not doing what I said I would do when I said I would do it).

Reason 1:  I didn’t schedule driving my daughter to the train station at 10:45—that took about 25 minutes round trip which then affected my previous  task—client work, which takes me to reason 2.

Reason 2:  I had to finish my client work before I could move on to my next task, delay number two!

Reason 3:  Hunger pains—I had to eat, delay number three (I also don’t have eating in my schedule)

Reason 4:  Find working music on YouTube  to keep me focused, except I got distracted and started watching a Jay Shetty Video and used up 5 minutes of precious work time.

Finally I’m settled in and in the background looming is the fact that I have scheduled something else for this hour and now I’m going to have to find some other time in my schedule to complete it.  UGH!

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only human on the planet that deals with managing their schedule, forgetting tasks that need to be completed or not scheduling important actions because you have it like it will get done because it’s important.  And truth be told, I am very tempted right now to look at my phone to see what’s happening in the world of social media. Does any of this insanity resonate with you?

So why share all of this with you, I mean I’m an accountability and high performance coach, I should have it all together right?  WRONG… I DO NOT have it all together and that’s why I’m sharing with you because I want you to know that you, yes you, are not alone in the push and pull of productivity and high performance.   Now the question is what can we do about it? I don’t have all the answers and here’s what I think:

  1. Really know when your peak performance time is. For example I know that I’m most productive from about 10 am until 1pm.  This is when I should schedule tasks that are going to really need my focus.
  2. Schedule in some distraction time. Do this is at your least effective performance time, which would be around 3-5pm for me.
  3. Give yourself enough time to meet deadlines; breakdown tasks in smaller chunks so it won’t seem so monumental and you won’t get too stressed out.  It’s all about the compound effect, small wins lead to big victories over time.
  4. Breathe!  Don’t get too caught up with what didn’t happen or get done.  Give yourself some space and then look what you can do to make it all work. That could look like contacting the people that could be impacted by what may not have been completed.  It could look like juggling of the calendar, it may even look like burning the midnight oil in some cases. Be resourceful and be in action, because when you’re in action the things going on in your head get tuned out.
  5. DO NOT throw in the towel and give up!  Life is truly a moment by moment experience so just keep going putting one foot in front of the other.  You CAN do it!


Well I have come the end of writing this little piece of literary art for you and I completed it in half of the allotted time.  Who would have thought?

It’s always  an honour to serve you.

God Bless

Nina Ganguli