Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking for myself to see where I haven’t been powerful or intentional in taking actions towards accomplishing my goals. My friends and business partners have been coaching and supporting me and still nothing was making a difference. And then I realized that I wasn’t being honest. With them or myself. I was lying to them when they were asking me questions. Why? Because I felt like I was going to get in trouble and I didn’t want to hear what I thought they would say if they knew the truth.   In those moments, I was my 6 or 7-year-old self scared of being yelled at or worse.   And I realized that as an adult-that doesn’t work! It may work in the moment so that I don’t have to face anyone, but over time it leads to me hiding out and not expressing myself because I have all these little white lies floating around my brain and I know I’m not being authentic. The result is that I have no power and I feel like a fraud!


When I made that connection, I realized that the way to get my power back is to actually be honest and tell one on myself, come clean about my lies and take responsibility for the consequences.   You want to know the funny thing? My partners all knew I was lying! And here I am thinking that I was fooling them and they would be shocked and upset! Of course, they knew! Why? Because my results don’t lie! The absurdity of it all made me laugh-I’m hiding out and feeling awful about myself because of this ‘secret’ I have, meanwhile it’s no secret to them! I declared to myself and my business partners that I will interrupt that way of being. How? I will tell the truth even when my brain is telling me it’s inconsequential or dangerous to tell the truth. Immediately, all the heaviness and significance I was feeling lifted and I felt like I could breathe again. And I started taking actions again towards my goals. I discovered the power in telling the truth!


So, if you are feeling stuck ask yourself: where are you not telling the truth, to yourself or someone else? Go clean it up and remember: The Truth Will Set You Free!

With Love,

Alanna Carr