We all have excuses for why we can’t get the things we think we should be getting done completed in a timely fashion. A single week consisting of 7 twenty-four hour days adds up to a healthy one hundred and sixty-eight hours per week! Sounds like a generous amount of time right?  But still, between work, sleep, shopping, eating, dealing with family and life in general, it adds up quickly. I speak from experience when I say it’s easy to feel the oppressive weight of the clock and the none-too subtle stress that comes with it when deadlines get stretched. But here’s the thing: when I sat down and took a really hard look at it I found that I had  more time to spare than I thought. The truth is I waste a lot of time worrying about wasting time, and beating myself up about it, which inevitably leads to Netflix, potato chips and a couple of hours of avoidance, guilt and more worry. So I waste time, big deal! Everyone wastes time occasionally and guess what? The world does not stop turning. Life goes on, and if I really want to get something done I can hunker down, make a plan, schedule in the actions needed, and follow through because when I really want something that’s how I roll. So don’t beat yourself up… Instead dust yourself off and decide what you want and take an action or two in that direction and see what happens, and always remember, this is your life! Try to enjoy it without all the outside pressure about how you “should” be.   

Now if you’re interested in getting things done here’s  a structure that can effectively manage your time. By putting appointments in your calendar with alerts and scheduling events in advance you can rely on your calendar to keep you organized and on track with life.  This is a simple action you can take to structure your time and create a sense of freedom around those 168 hrs. You will be able to powerfully ebb and flow with your busy life. When situations come up and people are  demanding your time you can confidently say YES or NO to any request. You can even schedule fun time with friends and family or alone time, or any time you want. It’s up to you. Make time your friend by taking the time to organize your time!


Fatima Gould