As the end of the year approaches, I’ve started to reflect on the lessons that I’ve learned this year. One of the most powerful lessons was to stand in my truth.  What is my truth? My Faith is My Truth.

How did I discover my truth? I started by asking myself a few questions: What does my truth mean?  What do I want to accomplish while standing in my truth? What is the legacy that I will leave behind when I transition?  I then also asked myself: Is this truth authentic to me and my life, or was it passed down to me from someone else?

Michael Jackson once said it “starts with the man in the mirror.”  So I had to ask myself who is Fatima? And the answer is simply put:  I am a human being. Someone who wants to live in a world that’s full of hope, peace and joy. I want the people around me to wake up every day and just be happy… period. My idea of utopia is a world where there’s no crime, no disease, and no war.  A world where everyone has access to food, water and shelter. People may say I’m crazy because they think that world will never, ever exist. But I say they are crazy ones because we can create it. If we put our minds to it, we can believe in it, have faith that a world like that can exist, and manifest it.  And I choose to stand in my truth that my utopia will exist one day because I believe that all human beings are capable of treating each other with fairness and kindness.

I believe in Father God, who is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning in the end, for without my Father I would be living in fear and be resigned to the cynicism that one person cannot change the world. But I have faith, and with this faith I can believe in things that I can’t see. Like God, I cannot see Him yet I know he exists in my spirit.  I pray to him for healing, to intercede for others, and meditate on his goodness that is all around me. I see the evidence that He meets us at our every need and provides for us in abundance and that’s the truth that I choose to stand in.

There are many sides to me, yet my truth is simple.  As I continue to grow and expand so does my truth. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to keep who I am present and never waiver in my truths. That will be my legacy: Someone who stood in her truth.

My question to you is:  Are you standing in your truth?


Written By: Fatima Gould