Alittle while ago,  I was presented with a new business opportunity.   A coaching associate of mine approached me to attend a meeting at her home.  I was immediately skeptical, first because she would not give me much information about the meeting and second because I hadn’t heard from her in over a year. In fact when she texted me her address, I texted her back advising  that if this was about making a monetary investment, I didn’t want to waste her time or mine. She texted back saying that she didn’t want my money. I didn’t really believe it and I cautiously agreed to attend out of curiosity.

On the drive from Mississauga to Thornhill, all I kept thinking to myself was, why had I agreed to this? But I am an optimist and was hoping that she would be sharing a coaching business opportunity, something I could really sink my teeth into, after all that is one of my main business focuses.  When I arrived at her home, there were a few people there already. She had a few chairs set up in one of the rooms and it was definitely ready for a presentation.

She introduced me to her friend David, who would be presenting to us that evening.  We indulged in a nice conversation. He allowed me to ramble on about myself, about my philosophy on life.  I got to talk about my book, Confessions of a Can’t-aholic. He seemed so impressed that I had written a book, so much so that I was getting impressed with myself too.  We were then interrupted by Shiri (my coaching associate), who advised that we were about to start the presentation.

Shiri put on a video and as we watched the presentation, I sat there the entire time with my arms crossed and annoyed because of course this “opportunity” required a monetary investment, but on top of that it had nothing to do with Life Coaching.  As the evening went on Shiri and David continued to present more information about the opportunity and having an entrepreneurial spirit, I started to think about it a little more.

When the presentation was over, David asked me what I thought about the opportunity.  I was very frank with him. I had attended “information” sessions similar to this in the past and I didn’t trust what was being presented. It seemed too easy and too good to be true, and in my book if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck!

However,  as we spoke more and more, he said he felt the very same way when he was presented this opportunity.  Now understand that David is a professional, he is a lawyer for a large Real Estate company, so he knows a thing or two about business and the like.  He is a very effective communicator. He used his keen listening skills from our conversation earlier to address all of the obstacles and objections I placed in front of him and he answered all of my questions with integrity and honesty.  I started opening up more and more to the possibility, once again my entrepreneurial spirit was being nudged. Hmmm, I thought to myself, what if this actually does work?

Now, when opportunity knocks at your door, what is your immediate reaction?  SCAM and then SLAM? That’s what I usually think as well. Here’s the conundrum though, if we don’t take risks, how do we begin to live an extraordinary life?  I want an extraordinary life, don’t you? I don’t want to work hard for someone else the rest of my life. I want to be fruitful and multiply, not just by having a family, but by impacting lives.  Coaching will always be my primary focus in life, but I am not going to close off my possibilities because of old ideas and experiences. I urge you to do the same. If I hadn’t grabbed opportunities when they presented themselves, I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I wouldn’t have written a book, I wouldn’t be a managing partner in TeamSynerG, and,  I wouldn’t be who I am.

Running a business and entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and certainly not for the faint of heart! It is one of the most risky things you can do, especially if you have mouths to feed and a spouse to answer to.  But you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to seize opportunities. It could be a career change or a different city to live in, or even letting that special someone into your heart. Sit back and think about all the chances you took to get to where you or the one you didn’t take because of limiting beliefs.  Don’t waste your life on what ifs. Be ready and willing when opportunity knocks and live an extraordinary life!

It’s my honour to serve you!  God Bless!

Nina Ganguli