What exactly are you waiting for?  I’m puzzled by the phrase: “Waiting for the Right Time

Many times I’ve heard, and I have said it myself: “The timing isn’t right,” or “It’s not for me.”  What does that mean?  When will it be the right time? Don’t you deserve to have happiness and satisfaction?  We are not meant to live average lives, lives of lack and loss of hope. Don’t you think it’s strange that we accept mediocrity in our lives?  

A close acquaintance of mine lost a significant amount of weight over the past few years.  When I asked her about what was stopping her from being successful in previous attempts of weight loss, she told me that she thought that maybe being successful at losing weight and keeping it off was not for her, it was for other people.   She was about to start a new adventure in her life and she didn’t want to be the size she was so she needed to do something. She made some changes and began to lose weight and she finally started believing that it was for her! When she had that mind shift, she was unstoppable and has now lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for several years!  

Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves here.  There is never really going to be the “right time,” you have to jump in and get it done.  Isn’t your happiness worth it? Aren’t you worth it? You are a child of God, and He has given you a divine purpose and it’s your duty to fulfill it.  So stop waiting for all the stars to align in order for you to take the first step.

If I did that, I wouldn’t be doing anything to fulfill my divine purpose!  There are still so many things that I need to learn and understand, but this is the fun and exciting part of the journey.  Even though I don’t know everything, and yes I get frustrated, I get to discover things about myself and the universe that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered if I hadn’t taken the steps to move forward.   Knowledge can be both motivating and an obstacle. It can give you clarity, but it can also stop you from taking chances. You must keep learning, go with your gut, but for goodness sakes stop waiting! Stop undermining who you were meant to be!  Overcome your fears! The universe does indeed need you to be happy and satisfied because the powerful ripples that resound will change the world!

If you don’t understand the impact you can have, here’s how it works, and believe me, it does because I have seen in action for myself.  I have many roles in life, many people that I can impact and influence. I am a mother, wife, employee, supervisor, life coach, friend; I think you get the drift.  Here is what my children and all the other people around me get to see. They see a woman who is working towards achieving her goals, they see the struggle and they see the frustration, but they also see that every day I am taking the steps necessary to move towards manifesting my greater purpose.  I can’t tell you how often I hear people tell me how I’ve impacted them in a positive way, simply by working toward my goals. When I hear this it motivates me even more to keep going! Are all the stars aligned? NO!  But I know that my children and my husband deserve to see a mother and wife who is happy and satisfied. It releases them to do the same, and this in turn ripples out to all the people they influence and impact.  Do you see how powerful this is? You too can have this impact, simply by taking that first step!

It’s YOUR TIME!  Do one thing to move you toward the purpose you have been born with!  Don’t waste anymore time, your life is on the line!

It’s my honour to serve you!  God Bless!


Nina Ganguli