When I close me eyes and envision the future, I see a world where people have HOPE to cope with life’s circumstances, or better said people live in HOPE instead of hopelessness. My vision statement is there is HOPE for anyone, at any time and at any age. When I look at the news, it seems to me that we as a species are heading towards destruction. What I see happening in the world is that when people are without HOPE, they turn to self-destruction, violence, and acts against humanity. However, if we create a world where every person lives in HOPE we would see a major difference in who we are being as humans. We would create a safe haven for our children and all future generations. That is my commitment in this world. My declaration for who I am for the world and everyone that I meet is: “I am hope in human form.”

What would a world filled with HOPE look like? First, I would start with the definition of HOPE, “which is a state of mind based on an expectation of a positive outcome with respect to the events and circumstance in one’s life and the world.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where we are always expecting a positive outcome? When we humble ourselves, are respectful and courteous to others, we have access to creating a world filled with compassion and empathy. Being able to show empathy helps to defuse the sense of hopelessness that people feel and allows them to become optimistic about their circumstances. It is important to know that there are other people in the world who have been through what you are going through. People who care enough to take a stand for your life and guide you to the other side of the mole hill that looks like a mountain. Once on the other side, we can be in the Pursuit of Happiness: able to declare I AM Free to live life not from the constraints of the past but from a place of joy and creation. To wake up everyday and be grateful to be alive and looking forward to the blessings that each new day has to offer! The state of joy and happiness the leads to living a life of Excellence which is beyond the ordinary. For me hopelessness exist in the ordinary but HOPE is the place to envision the Extraordinary.

What actions can we take to bring this vision of HOPE in to a reality? We can start by having Faith and Trust that Hope will be manifested in the world. It is what is running in the background of our thoughts and actions that will bring about this change in human beings. Coupled with strong desires and emotions that vibrate into the universe which will develop people to be hope in human form. Nothing can beat the willingness of the spirit to want to get things done. After all, that is how man got to walk on the moon. Someone believed it could be done and others came into agreement and made it happen.

So, my question for you is do you believe we can live in a world of HOPE and if you do, can you to join me in quest to make it happen?

With love and hope,

Fatima Gould