It’s time to press reset. Reset on our goals, reset on our life, reset on at all.  Why? Because we always have an opportunity to start again. We create goals in our lives to create a life based on visions we have for ourselves, and then along the way things in our lives do not appear how we thought they would.  Consider there’s actually nothing wrong and that where we are right now is perfect regardless of the the way it looks.

As I look back on my life, I’m clear that I did not create goals for myself,  I literally just did my thing with no rhyme or reason, no structure, no direction, and no clear vision of what I wanted and yet here I am today and I can say I am happy fulfilled and damn proud of myself. Despite the ups and downs, the moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, here I am today alive, heart beating, successful and grateful. I’m clear whatever experiences I’ve had up to this point have made me who I am, and that life is really all about the experiences you have.

I’m also now clear how important goal setting is in your life because it allows you to grow and develop and be intentional knowing what actions to take on a daily basis.  This doesn’t mean the process is going to be smooth, often it feels like a roller coaster and yet, however the experience is it is worth it, so don’t resist it!

Wherever you find yourself on your way to your goals, today is your opportunity to press the reset button and take the time to look at what you want to create or what you intended to create.  Consider wherever you are in your life is exactly where you need to be and there is nothing to change about what happened. At this point all there is to do is to take actions that are consistent with your goals. For example if you committed to creating a healthy lifestyle which consists of working out, eating healthy foods, and meal prepping and you didn’t fulfill on that, don’t make yourself wrong, just accept that the actions you took were not aligned with your commitment. What happened happened and now what there is to do is press the reset button and start again. It will not serve you to sit in the mindset of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Stop it!  Press reset and start again until one day the actions just become natural for you. It takes practice, so every time you intend to do something and it doesn’t turn out that way press reset, start again and stop giving yourself a hard time.



From my heart to yours,