So there you are sitting in your cubicle, daydreaming about what you would do if you didn’t have to work.  You close your eyes and begin to paint a picture of what your life would look like if you didn’t need the money.  So what does it look like?  Are you baking cupcakes?  Creating a work of art?  Or are you on the other side of the world researching the cure for cancer?  What is the secret desire you have for which you continue to find reasons to not follow?  Well, I don’t know what your reasons are but I can tell you some of the reasons I have given myself, maybe you can relate.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a coach, but I have a corporate background.  For a long time I was that person sitting at my desk daydreaming, as a matter of fact I still daydream, but the difference between now and then is that I am now working towards making my dreams come true. Take this blog for instance; this is part of my plan, to share my experience with you so you can see that you are not alone, that we all have dreams, we all have something that calls to us in the pit of our stomach if we’re not already living the life we have dreamt of.

While I write this, I can see you rolling your eyes and can hear the thoughts in your head. You think I’m nuts because I believe that dreams can and should come true.  How fulfilling is your life if you are not living or working towards living your dream?  Now don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy thing to start, you know, the journey to living the dream (whatever that may mean to you).  My dream is to be a sought after motivational speaker, coach and leadership trainer.  And trust me I have done a lot of “dreaming” about this!  I made a lot of lists, talked to my support system, researched websites, completed my coaches training and yet I seem to procrastinate with the very things that would move me to the next level of my dream.  Why do I procrastinate? Well, l the biggest reason is the dreaded F word: FEAR.  My fear of failure, of putting out there and not being successful, of letting my husband down (my number one supporter by the way), and fear of the unknown and the list goes on and on….

I don’t know everything about this thing called entrepreneurship, but I do know one thing, I have always wanted to run my own business and help others and now I am doing exactly the 2 things I have always wanted to do.  Coaching is my passion; it is so rewarding to know that you have been a part of someone’s discovery process.  I can’t begin tell you what ignites in me when I see someone have an “aha” moment, it’s more than rewarding it’s complete fulfillment! I know this is my purpose.

Throughout this journey of realizing my dreams,  I have discovered so many skills within myself that I had forgotten about or never realized I had.   I have also gained momentum and motivation to keep my dreams alive and actually expand on them.  Here are 5 things I have done, and I know this can work for you when you feel overcome by fear:

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAM: Be clear and concise but write it down you must!  Then put is somewhere you can see it every morning and every night.  I have mine on my closet beside my bed.  Read this everyday, remind yourself of what you want!
  2. CREATE A PLAN:  Write it down, make sure to include timelines, this will help you to move forward and stay accountable to yourself.
  3. SCHEDULE TIME TO BUILD YOUR DREAM: How I started when I was working fulltime in my corporate job was to put aside 2 hours every week day, this included my actual coaching time as well.
  4. BUILD A STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM: I have a wonderful husband, who is amazing, and when I begin to fall off the wagon, he reminds me of what I want!  I also have a great network of friends and colleagues who see my passion and get passionate along with me!  Believe it or not, people who love you want you to succeed!
  5. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK: We are not perfect and there will be setbacks. Who said achieving the life you want would be easy, so give yourself a break!  This is the one I have the most struggle with and this is where that great support system comes in handy! They always help put things into perspective and allow me to give myself the space to make mistakes.


It is my honour to serve you! God Bless!


Nina Ganguli