It is time to deal with the three sources of F.E.A.R (False, Evidence, Appearing as Real) that stop you:


  1. Self-Doubt
  2. Self-Pity
  3. Self-Consciousness


We create the conversations of fear in our heads and then put those thoughts into language by saying things like:  “I could never do that, I am not gifted like my friend or relative, and I don’t have the qualifications to accomplish that task or do that job.”  This is the manifestation of self-doubt. Then our words lead us to the place of self-pity and where there is pity we roll around in unhappiness. This circumstance then takes over who we are being. We walk around with our eyes cast down, clothes not fitting properly, and posture is hunched over.  With the energy around us depleted, we then attract people who are also in a negative state that continues to drain us. This is the formula for self-consciousness, where we question what are other people going to think? Then we give ourselves over to other people who put limits on us, criticize us and leave us defeated.

I say it is time to change the F.E.A.R to F.A.I.T.H (Freedom, Action, Increase, Time & Hope).  We have the freedom to chose not to live in fear but in possibility for a better tomorrow starting today.  We then take actions to get qualified, to understand and use our gifts/talents. This leads to an increase in the level of positive vibration and energy around us. This will create a natural shift in which we then attract people in the same positive zone. After a period of time we start to manifest self-confidence which allows us to walk with our heads held high and with a sense of purpose. Before you know it, you are living a life of Hope. Hope brings about a persistent power to believe and achieve anything we want in life.  Today I challenge you to take off the cloak of fear and try on hope, faith and love. Did you know that is the recipe for joy and success?


With love,

Fatima Gould