Accountability is an interesting topic. It’s a topic that we all  know about and yet resist. Accountability for me is like a lifeline. It is like the veins that return the blood to my heart- it keeps my heart pumping.  As an accountability coach with TeamSynerG, it is clear to me that accountability is what literally gets things moving . We can be inspired, we can be motivated, we can be on top of the moon feeling amazing and then something happens and we get stopped. We don’t want to do anything because we doubt our capabilities and at times we just want to say  “What’s the point it’s not going to work out anyway?”

Accountability is defined as “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsible.” If we were to break that down, it really comes down to responsibility. I know for myself when I’m stopped at something, or I’m resigned about something it’s because I don’t want to take responsibility. I don’t want to be the one that has to take things on, I don’t want to be the one that has to make the choices, I don’t want to be the reason why things failed. Because if I take responsibility that means I’m responsible for everything that may go wrong.  And I sure as hell don’t want to go through that! Now, that is not what I am committed to. I am committed to things actually working in my life and the lives of others in business and the world.  

There is a great quote by  Moliere that says:  “Accountability is not only what we do but also what we do not do for which we are accountable.” The reality is that we truly are accountable for what happens or what does not happen in our lives. If we really want to achieve certain goals,  we have to do something about it. It’s up to us, it truly is.  This may seem easier said than done especially if you know, historically that you cannot rely on yourself to get it done. This is where having an accountability buddy or hiring an accountability coach is valuable. It actually becomes the responsible thing to do, until you have practiced it enough that the structures and habits are now second nature.  We weren’t designed to be in this world on her own we were designed to be with other people. And having someone who can interrupt your internal state when you are stopped is key to achieving your goals. In fact, I find that there is great freedom in having someone know my default ways of operating. Why? Because they help me become aware of my thoughts and patterns, of how I operate. When I am aware I can see all the options and opportunities for action that are in front of me.  When we are stuck in the self-doubt and worry, it is not always clear what else there is for us can do. When we acknowledge that our mind is making things up then we can choose whether not we want to continue to be in that negative space or not. Once we can separate ourselves from that internal dialogue we can assess the situation based only on the facts of the situation and not on any interpretations of how we perceive the situation.

For me, having people to hold me accountable is my lifeline and it is something that makes a world of a difference for me in my life. I now find the magic in accountability! Getting clarity on what you want, creating a plan of action, tracking and scheduling all of the actions to take and having someone hold you accountable is the icing on the cake.  To really ask someone to hold you accountable you must go through all those steps and be willing to be open and vulnerable in sharing what your true desires are. Allowing someone in like that enables them to check in with you when you are feeling down or stressed and they can remind you of what you are committed to creating in your life.

If there is a goal that you really want and are struggling to achieve it, I ask you to write it out, include as many details as possible including how you feel and what it will look like once you achieve it.  Then share it with the people that you know you can trust and ask them to hold you accountable. Share with them the actions you need to take to achieve it and then look at the list and your goal every day, multiple times a day, and take those actions!
I will leave you with a quote by Marianne Williamson: “We are either walking in love or we are walking in fear. Choose your path.”

Written By: Simone Vitellaro