Every time I sit down to write this month’s blog, I stare at the blank page, not sure what to write and yet hope something profound will happen and I will pen something that will be inspiring and motivating.  

Apparently this is a way of writing, a kind of journaling and creating something from nothing, just random thoughts that begin to form as I click the keys on the keyboard.  Sometimes when I go back to read previous articles, I think to myself, WOW did I really write that? And sometimes, it’s YIKES did I really send that off to the editor?

I think that this is a great metaphor for creating the life that you want to live.  The other day my aunt was visiting me. She recently quit her job to follow her dream and passion of writing. Now that’s inspiring!  There is no perfect time or right time to grab the life you want. You just have to make this decision to do it!

During her visit, we spoke about the writing process, she is a fiction writer and I write non-fiction for the time being anyway.  We spoke of our frustrations as both writers/authors and entrepreneurs as well as our passion for what we want to do and the legacy we want to leave.   I told her how usually I just sit and stare at the screen waiting for the thoughts and words to flow through me because I hate the structured process, I feel like it cages me in and then that visceral feeling of panic will set in when I think that I am beginning to be locked in the box of structure.   Yet there is a need for structure or nothing will get done either. There is a need to have a deadline, an understanding of how many words (for articles), and outline of what you are writing about and a general framework.

When I was writing my book, Confessions of a Can’t-aholic: How to go from “I can’t” to “I can!”, sitting and staring at the blank page did not work for me all the time because I didn’t always know where to start. There were times where I thought I knew what I wanted to write and I would just sit in front of my laptop freaking out because I couldn’t translate what was happening in my mind onto the keyboard.  But when I went back to the structured process provided to me by my writing coach, things would begin to fall in place, because I had some direction.

My aunt told me that she faces the same obstacles, which was very comforting to hear, because a lot of the time when you are trying to do what you were meant to do, you feel like you are all alone in this abyss of confusion and frustration, like no one can understand what you are going through. Then you begin to open up to others around you and discover that you aren’t alone and really that abyss is full of people that feel they are alone, struggling to live a life of purpose and passion.  

Earlier I mentioned that the writing process is a metaphor for life, sometimes you just stare into space waiting to be inspired and sometimes you plan it out in a very structured way.  It can be both frustrating and inspiring at the same time.

When I started on my journey of self discovery, I was just sitting in my life, staring at the void of my existence, waiting for inspiration to hit me in the face and boy did it!  In the midst of the emptiness, I discovered my spirituality, I renewed my love for people, I accepted my imperfections, and I grieved the loss of the little girl I once was. I also discovered how much I love to teach, train and coach others who are along the same road that I have travelled. As I stared off into space, many beautiful things happened. Yet in order to manifest what I wanted, there was an unavoidable need to structure my life so I could accomplish my deepest desires and achieve my goals.   I know there are many of you who love structure and cannot live without it, and would freak out if there wasn’t a minute by minute plan. You are probably reading this right now and thinking I am a little off my rocker! I have to admit, I envy you a little because of your ability to move strategically through life and you get things done in a neat and orderly fashion. That being said, there is much to be said for what happens in the space of unknowing, in the uncertainty of unplanned events and it may not be perfect, but I thinks it’s an awesome adventure.  

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your process is.  What matters is that you step out, take the journey, spontaneous or planned, there is nothing like stepping into what was meant to be for you.  I see this when I see my Aunt’s eyes light up as she speaks about chasing her dreams and creating the life she knows she was meant to have! I see it with all my clients and I experience myself everyday when I have been able to coach, train or teach someone.   Now it’s your turn! Go get it! Change your can’t into can and your dreams into plans, then take action and live a life full of purpose, passion and most of all love!

It is my honour to serve you!  God Bless!

Nina Ganguli