Iwas recently watching an interview with James MacNeil in which he was sharing about his journey after his wife passed away suddenly. Understandably, he was in a dark place and struggling, not knowing how to move on. He shared that one day he was asked if he wanted to be happy. He realized that he didn’t in that moment, yet inside of his faith he concluded that he was obligated to at least want to be happy. What does that mean? To him it meant he had to at least be open to the idea of being happy once again. It didn’t happen over night and yet that was the starting point that led him down the path of re-creating his life.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Because that golden nugget of information that he shared had a great impact on me.   I believe that being willing to want to IS the crux of achieving everything and anything in life!   If you find yourself stuck in an area of your life, asking yourself the question: “Am I willing to want to?” will shed some light on your situation. For example, if you are stuck because you don’t know how to proceed, ask yourself: “Am I willing to find out?”   Be honest in your answer, if you aren’t willing then there is no point to continue to go after that particular goal- it’s not the goal for you! If, however, you are willing to be open to the discovery of how to proceed, it can become an adventure!

I recently was struggling with the relationship with my brother. There is a lot of hurt and anger and I was stuck in the idea of what’s the point? Can I continue to have the difficult conversations? Can I be the one that just listens to what he has to say and not get triggered by the potentially hurtful things that could be said? And because a relationship with my brother is important to me, being in that space of struggle really took me out in all other areas. When I heard that golden nugget: “Are you willing to want to?” I realized that because I was willing, I was open to being the one who can make the difference and I actually had all that I needed in the moment.   As long as I’m willing, I will find the way and I will find all that I need to repair that relationship. I see this applying in all areas of my life, like business and dating! Am I willing to want to go out on dates and be uncomfortable and vulnerable? Am I willing to be open to being rejected and potentially being disappointed or heart-broken again? The answer is yes, because the payoff of throwing myself into the fray is achieving that goal of finding love and getting married!

The next time you find yourself struggling, or resisting, or feeling down on yourself, take a moment remember that golden question: “Are you willing to want to?” If you answer no, then the goal you are struggling to achieve is not for you at this time. If you answer yes, you now have access to a path of discovery that will lead you to fulfilling on that goal.

Written by: Alanna Carr