My journey of change started on Aug. 4, 2007 when I looked in the mirror and declared: “The next 10 years of my life will not be the same as the last 10 years.”   In the past decade, I had two children, changed jobs four times and had one failed relationship. I was thankful that the ups and downs of life had not taken its toll on my body as I did not look my age. I was tired, however,  of being sick and tired of how my life was playing out. Something had to give or my brain was going to explode. I decided that day, which happened to be my birthday, to pick myself up, dust myself off and put on a new attitude. No more feeling sorry for myself and playing the victim.  I had been blaming everyone in my life from my mother to my ex for everything that had gone wrong in my life. But that day, looking in the mirror at my reflection, I realized that despite it all I was left standing. In that moment, I drew strength from the only source I knew to keep me going and have hope for a better tomorrow: God.  Together he and I would make it through moment by moment.

My conversation with God went like this:  “If you help me to get over this wall life has put in my way, I will dedicate myself to helping other people pursue extraordinary lives.”   Then I started to pray, meditate and journal daily. I found myself being drawn to people who were on the same spiritual path. I was able to find a stable job where I applied my skills as a Help Desk Analyst.  I was able to help people daily with their computer issues, which gave me satisfaction knowing I was able to leave people empowered and less afraid of computers. I started going to the gym, watching my diet, reading self-help, motivational and inspirational books.  These books and teachings provided an outlet for me to discover who I was, and set me on a path of transformation. I was once trapped in a cocoon like a caterpillar and through the process of transformation I emerged a beautiful butterfly. Before long, I started dating and then I declared I wanted to be  in a serious relationship and dare I say married! Some days I looked in the mirror and asked: “Who are you?” God would answer: “Someone who is not afraid and who has a testimony to share.”

If you are thinking about staging a comeback remember the following: take responsibility for your life and look at the reflection in the mirror.  Ground yourself in the source of your life and have faith that you can manifest the things you want. Look at being whole in all areas of your life: mind, body and soul.

What I want to leave you with is that it takes courage to stage a comeback. You must start looking at life with a new perspective in order to produce different results. Going through the process takes time, perseverance, persistence, and patience. During the times of trouble develop your faith by leaning on God and trusting that he will provide for your every need. With confidence you are empowered and have hope to withstand anything that comes in your way.


Written By: Fatima Gould