On September 11, 2014 I decided to take a leap of faith.

It may not seem like a huge deal to you but if you were with me 3.5 years ago, when I started this journey of entrepreneurship, you would have known that I had already had a business that failed quite miserably and that I have been extremely cautious because I’m afraid to put my family through that again.  We didn’t lose everything, but we certainly felt a significant financial impact.  The funny thing about it is that I have their full support, yet I am still carrying the guilt of decisions I made by not listening to their advice in my previous venture.  Granted all advice is not good, but in this case it was right on the money and I didn’t pay attention and heed the advice or all the warning signs.   Once bitten, twice shy they say!  But you know what? Wanting to run my own business has always been in my blood.  I remember when I was in grade eight telling my parents that I would be a business owner someday. I just didn’t know in what!

In 2002, I started a Montessori School with my best friend.  In 2004 we shut it down.  Guiding Light Montessori School lived a short life, but taught me many valuable lessons.  The most important one being, I love teaching, guiding and sharing my wisdom.  I love watching people of all ages grow and develop, and become their best selves. I love to watch faces light up when they accomplished something they thought they couldn’t do.  Fast forward to 2012! I just finished the first module of my Life Coach training.  Words cannot describe sufficiently the transformation that happened to me in those first 4 days.  Suffice it to say, I found my calling!  It only took from grade eight to then to figure out which business I was going to run!  I was going to open my own Life Coaching practice!  THE APOSTROPHE PROJECT: Changing Your CAN’T into CAN!  

Coaching is my passion, my divine calling and purpose.  There isn’t a single doubt in my mind that this is what God wants me to do and why I have travelled the road I have up until this moment.  So that brings us back to September 11, 2014 when I finally decided that I have to take more risks. I’ve had success in my practice, and this brings me great joy, but I want to impact more lives, I see the benefit of a one-to-many model. Don’t get me wrong, I love my one-to-one coaching but I want to help more people. And, as I was taking a course by Sandi Krakowski (you should follow her by the way), she planted the seed of possibility of influencing, helping and serving more and more people by leveraging this wonderful thing we call social media.  So I did it, I began using ads, I put some money where my mouth is, I was doing some walking and less talking. I went from having 164 facebook fans to about 6975 as I write this.  But this is not a story about marketing.  I’ve had a lot of great feedback from many of my fans letting me know that they look forward to my inspiring posts and this makes me super excited.  But I want to give my fans more than just pictures, nice words and videos. I want people to take action and improve their level of satisfaction with their lives and increase the overall quality of where they are at.

Would you agree with me that you can have all the inspiration and motivation in the world but if you don’t take action, you are going to be in same place you’re in now? Let’s talk less and take more action!  Here are 5 things you can do to move in a forward direction in your life:


  • Have a vision of what you want to do!


You have to know what you want and why you want it.  If you don’t know what you want, why you want it or how to get it, just close your eyes and think about what you would be doing if you didn’t need money, this usually helps to get those juices flowing.


  • Give yourself permission to be different from how you’ve been in the past.


Challenge your own thinking.  If how you have been thinking hasn’t gotten you to where you want to go, it’s time the change your perceptions, it’s time to try a new and different way!


  • Begin where you are with what you have


You don’t need to change your world upside down and go nuts, start where you are and take the first step that will be one step closer than where you were yesterday.


  • Push yourself beyond your comfort zone


You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as Fitness Guru Jilian Michaels would say.  Change won’t happen until you try something different.  For instance you can’t get fit if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle, you have to change to get fit!



  • Laugh at your mistakes, learn and move on!


Finally don’t take yourself so seriously, if there is no fun along the way and no mistakes, then the end won’t be as sweet!   Don’t sweat the small stuff, just keep it moving!  You got this!

Now it is the time, so start doing and stop thinking so much!  Less talk more action my friends!

It is my honour to serve you, God Bless!

Written By: Nina Ganguli