Many of us have heard the statement “everything you want in your life can be yours.” and than, we are left with the question, HOW? As human beings we have a tendency to complicate things by continuously doubting what we know, what we do and more importantly doubt if t is even possible. We get stuck in our heads engaging in continuous dialogue with me, myself and I. If you take a closer look at the source of all your doubts you will see a commonalty. The common factor is YOU. YOU are in the way of achieving those things you say you want. So how would one get out of the way? Give yourself up and witness freedom.

To get things started consider taking on these 3 actions.

1. When your mind begins to make up stories and predictions of what could go wrong. STOP, acknowledge it, yes it could, and than ask yourself, What if it doesn’t? What if what I want happens and what would my life look like if it does? Visualize and write it out. Be vivid, make it real and put it into existence and than take action.

2. Be kind to yourself. If you are stuck inside a bubble of always making other people wrong, chances are the person you make wrong the most is you. Declare today that you will give up complaining and judgement for 1 week. AND Share with someone that this is your intention. Have them hold you accountable and when you fall off the wagon, acknowledge it with your accountability buddy and get back on track. If you REALLY want to create a big shift in this area of your life. Pick a consequence. If you do not keep your word than you pay the price. LOL.

3. Share your heart out. Reach out and create a support group that will join you in making life come alive. Friends who will keep you accountable and NOTallow you to live small. Who will lift you up when you are down and at the same time, not feel sorry for you or get suckered into the drama you make up. More importantly a group of like minded people who will ONLY see you as your greatest self.

Life is what you make it. Such a simple statement and so true. At the end of the day the answers we search for are there, they are all simple and exist inside of you and is ALL POSSIBLE, when you declare, YES! This is how my life is going to go, because I said so!! Have a blessed and beautiful day.