How blessed we are to awake to a new morning. Are you excited to begin your day or wish you could stay in bed? Are you full of energy or exhausted? Your day will only go the way you say it’s going to go and a vital part of a successful, fun-filled day depends on how YOU feed your mind. Every morning I begin my day in the same way. I open my eyes and give myself away to God as I am grateful for what my day will bring. I awake early so the house is quite and I am alone with myself as that time is so precious and peaceful. I clear my mind with prayer and than I put my earphones on and listen to “Give myself away” by William McDowell. The lyrics and gospel sound sings to my soul. I give my body a stretch as I thank God for my beautiful healthy body. I enjoy my pro-biotic yoghurt with sunflower seeds, apple and cinnamon…. Yummy! After feeding my mind prayer and my body nutrition I create a possibility that manages my actions and thoughts and keeps me aligned with my intentions. Feeding your mind healthy and positive thoughts fuels you to be unstoppable in your actions, laser focused, enthusiastic and at peace with who you are. Mapping out your mornings is a vital part of your plan to live and love your life. Wishing everyone a blessed and beautiful day!