You can if you think you can….words spoken by many inspirational leaders. So how does one take those words and apply it to life?  All I know is everyday life surprises me with unexpected moments with some, that make me wish I could stay in that moment forever and others that leave me standing there asking myself ” why?” Recently, I was inspired by the thought that our lives are like a ” movie production” that each step we take parallels each step of Hollywood film making.  A very special man named Mawuli Chai invited me to a private meeting with Vice-President of Columbia Pictures DeVon Franklin.  Producer of movies like Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith, Remake of  The Karate Kid and so many more. DeVon Franklin inspired us as he discussed his book ” Produced by Faith- Enjoy real success without losing your true self”  Regardless of your culture or religion this book signifies such a simplicity that it made me realize that with every task we embrace all we really need to do is say “ready, set, breath….” and all will find its way to you. I am not saying that you need to sit cross-legged on the floor, close your eyes and say ” Om” and Voila the power of breathing creates miracles…lol. What I am suggesting is that if you apply “Lights, Camera, Action” principles to a situation you are feeling challenged by that the simplicity within the philosophy could very well be your solution.

So what do I mean by “Lights, Camera, Action?”  LIGHTS– preparing the set so you can see, having a clear vision of what you want. Very similar to having a clear vision about your dreams and goals. So many of us loose sight of our LIGHT, our VISION. Visualize what it is you see for your life and no matter what, keep that big picture in your mind at all times.  CAMERA– the camera only see’s what is in front of it.  How you set up the scene is exactly what the camera will film. Unlike the movie biz…we do not have editors. What you see is what you get! . So when the lights go on your camera should be ready to film exactly what you want it to.  You are the director of your own movie.  So you must clearly set the scene with proper lighting with a clear vision of your tasks  so that your camera can film exactly what you want it to film.   Your CAMERA is your thoughts, your conscious awareness of your everyday circumstances.  Align your thoughts so they fuel your dreams. Always remember, ‘THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS” .

ACTION–  do what you say you are going to do.  There are those that take action and others that let opportunity pass them by.  There are those that achieve their goals and others that come up with every excuse why they cannot.  Action is simple….JUST DO IT!  when you have challenges in your life, more than often you are the direct cause of those challenges. It is hard to swallow at times, but the reality is what you give out into the universe is what you attract back to your life.  A very inspiring poet and inspirational author Dwayne Morgan stated in his book Everyday Excellence “procrastination is the enemy of progress”  that statement had such a profound affect on me (as I sometimes struggle with procrastination in my personal life)  that simple truth  inspired an ” AHA Moment.”  Sometimes that is all it takes to identify that YOU are the DIRECTOR of your own movie.  You get to choose if your movie will end up being a quick video release or an acadamy award winning performance.   So the next time you face a challenge embrace the lights, camera, action philosophy and be ready, set to breath…… life is going to be good.